Simple ways to make bridal gown shopping easier

Nobody said planning a wedding was easy. From bickers about the music playlist to bridesmaid tantrums, it’s safe to say that most weddings have a hiccup or two in the planning stage. Shopping for that exclusive wedding gown can go smoothly for some brides-to-be and less so for others. If you don’t enjoy clothes shopping or simply can’t find a dress you like, bridal gown shopping can quickly escalate into a wedding planning headache.

The good news is there are certain strategies you can adapt to help make bridal gown shopping easier. Let’s take a look.

Don’t leave wedding dress shopping until the last minute

5 Top Tips for the Perfect Rustic Wedding

Sid and Olive Vintage Weddings perfect rustic wedding

At Sid & Olive Vintage Weddings & Events we’ve noticed a real trend of brides looking for an authentic rustic style for their big day. And with bookings well into 2017 for the look, it seems that rustic style is here to stay! So here are our top tips to help inspire you to achieve your perfect rustic wedding…

Natural Centrepieces: Why not create a real seasonal look to your tables by using Manzanita trees or twisted willow branches? For an autumn or winter wedding they look magical with glass tea light globes hanging from their branches.

Autumn Flavours

From renowned heritage farmers to artisan suppliers, we are able to get our hands on the very best ingredients, right on our doorstep. It’s a great opportunity to create delicious plates of food and also showcase what we have to offer in and around the greater Manchester area.

The North West provides plenty of culinary inspiration in autumn and nowhere more so than in devising a wedding menu, especially as we benefit from such incredible local produce. There’s no doubt it gives us a clear advantage when devising new or bespoke dishes.

24 Eco-Friendly, DIY Wedding Ideas

More than ever before, couples are choosing to adopt a more eco-friendly approach to their weddings. As the wedding season begins to close, planning season begins, with couples scoping out venues, caterers, dresses, and the finer details a wedding requires. Even if you’re not looking for a completely eco-friendly wedding, it’s important to consider the impact your wedding has on the environment. For instance, raising 12,000 roses creates 13,000 lbs of CO2 emissions – and while the roses will wilt and fade, those emissions will stick around for much longer.

Top Tips for Planning a Hen Do

Top Tips for Planning a Hen Do - Poll with photo

Hen do season is fast approaching, and if you are lucky enough to be named maid of honour you now have a lot of planning to do.

But there are so many potential pitfalls; inviting the right person, negotiating the budget, picking the perfect date and venue – keeping the bride and an entire friendship group happy can often be as much work as organising the wedding itself.

Below are a few top tips to help you avoid disaster while planning the brides-to-be’s perfect send of celebration.