Wedding Trends for 2017 and How to Get the Celebrity Touch for Less.

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Aron Schlagman, Creative Director for WHiTEPAPER event has worked on some of the leading weddings in the UK.  He was the guy behind Quintessentially Wedding Atelier.  Here Aron advises on how to bring celebrity glam to your own wedding. 

This year’s wedding season will see a delightful collection of personalities tie the knot, in what promises to be a multitude of different styles – from the uber sophisticated to the quintessentially British wedding and reality TV nuptials.  There will be a style to satisfy even the most demanding of couples and if you’re following suit, you’d want to read on to find out what the year’s trends will be.

Quotes from Anya Dellicompagni, Francesco group’s director of hairdressing



For a bride her hair must be a compliment to the look of her dress and also a compliment to the theme of the big day. I always stress you should feel yourself, therefore, it’s important that the bride thinks about what they most feel comfortable with and especially when it comes to their hair and whether they feel more comfortable wearing it up or down.

Although your hair should feel more beautiful than your everyday look,don't plan on changing it for the day. So don't feel you need to grow it for 2 years for the big day or change you hair colour! There are so many things your hairdresser can use to add length or volume, from clip in extensions to padding, to give a hold and fullness to your hair.

How to get a good night’s sleep before your wedding

good night’s sleep before your wedding

Weddings can be a stressful time – 92% of brides admit to experiencing nerves either on the night before their wedding or the big day itself. Two-thirds said the nerves were so bad it affected their enjoyment of their wedding, and one in five (19%) even experienced panic attacks.

The amount of planning that goes into a wedding is clearly one of the biggest sources of stress and there's any number of things that could potentially go wrong – from disagreements between friends and family to the cake being the wrong size!

A good night’s sleep is essential before your wedding day, so Time4Sleep has put together some tips achieving a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding.

1. Take note of what's worrying you

The on trend country-style wedding

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Gone are the days of simply picking a colour for your wedding day. Today’s couples not only tend to select a whole colour palette, but they also work to a theme when styling their dream wedding.

A trend appearing in more and more weddings is shabby chic / country garden with plenty of bunting, old apple crates and paper pompoms helping to achieve the look.

Have a look through some of Hylands House wedding styling ideas for your own country themed wedding...

• collect old jam jars, decorate with lace and twine and fill with gypsophila to display around your wedding venue

Choose a Venue for all Seasons

Thomas Harper, Hirings Manager, Hylands House, Chelmsford, Essex gives advice on how your wedding can be a total success whether there is snow on the ground or if you are basking in a heatwave. 

To give extra flexibility to your wedding date, it's good to look at venues that are suitable for a once in a lifetime event -  no matter what the season.  Some places such as Hylands House also have price scales when it is less expensive to hire in the Autumn and Winter. With our British weather it is good to look at venues that can handle all four seasons in one day!

The Five Most Important Wedding Venue Tips

The Banqueting Room at Hylands House

Thomas Harper, Hirings Manager at the Award-Winning Hylands House, Essex, gives the top tips on what to consider when hiring a wedding venue. 

It can take time to find your perfect wedding venue so ensure you start planning for it as soon as possible. Work out you budget and see as many locations as you can to gain a greater idea of what is available so that you do achieve your dream wedding.  

1. Location

Bespoke engagement or wedding ring tailored to suit your style

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Independent British jeweller turns engagement and wedding ring dreams into reality.

If you have always dreamed of having a bespoke engagement or wedding ring tailored to suit your style, then look no further than British jeweller, Sparkling Jewellery, who offer a full bespoke service and will work with you to design and hand make your dream ring within in your budget.

Last Minute Skin Saviours - What to Do if You Break Out Before Your Big Day.

Sond Gift set

Don't Freak Out.

The first thing to do is to not stress out too much (stress can be the cause of breakouts). While it might not be in your ‘vision’ of the perfect day, clever makeup will cover up most issues nicely, so there’s no need to panic.

Don’t Pick.

While it might be tempting to tackle the blemishes ‘head on’, it’s definitely not the solution - especially with your big day looming. This is because it’s much easier to cover up a red bump with makeup, than it is to cover up a crusty or weeping wound. 

Stick to Your Usual Routine.

Venue Vs Key Demographics

people around bus

Choosing a venue is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding because it is at the very heart of your day.  It’s easy to get swept away by the architecture, the views, or the food that some venues may offer, but considering the demographics of your guests will go a long way to making your day a wonderful wedding as well as the perfect party.  

Try not to let superficial or temporary factors influence your venue choice and consider the comfort of your guests, as well as yourselves, as much as possible.  (As much you and your other half are at the centre of the whole day, there are practicalities to consider.)  It sounds obvious, but guest enjoyment and comfort will always leave a lasting impression.