Giving a Best Man Speech?

Here are a few tips from CORONATION STREET writer Ellen Taylor

I've been lucky or unlucky enough to have been a Best Woman four times.  Either because those friends treasure me above all others, or else they don’t but thought 'she's a writer, at least she'll give a good speech'.

Yes, being Best Man or Best Woman is really all about the speech.  It means you are the last person up and everyone expects you to be funny.  You are top billing of a massive show that has probably cost about twenty grand.  Most of the audience don't know that you're a kind, funny, sensitive person with masses of soul, they just think 'oh, it's the Best Man. They'd better be good'.  No pressure!

Wrestling with Changing Names?

To change names or not? This is one of the inevitable debates facing most brides-to-be. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Name changing service reports from their annual survey that most brides come across some anxiety in the lead up to their nuptials. Surprisingly though, more brides are rushing to change names than ever before.

How many of us change names?

Magazine Bride To Be reports that before their wedding, more than 80% or brides plan to take their husband’s name. Easy Name Change suspects this grows to around 85%, as many women may initially hang onto their maiden name, then go onto change it with the arrival of children.

Diamonds and Chocolate, the Perfect Proposal?

• Easter was voted the least popular occasion for Marriage Proposals

• Valentine’s continues to be popular, followed by New Year’s Eve

• Even Halloween preferable to the upcoming Easter bank holiday.

Proposing to your partner is one of the most exciting times of your life and naturally hopes are that the question will be popped perfectly without a hitch.

Vintage jewellery and watch specialists, William May, conducted a survey to determine whether there was a particular day that people would choose to pop the big question on asking ‘Which occasion would you choose to propose marriage to your significant other?’

10 tips to get more sleep before your wedding day

Every bride wants to look radiant and healthy on her wedding day.

Getting regular good, high quality sleep is a major contributor to achieving this. Unfortunately, the inevitable nerves and stress related to the event will often lead to restless nights. Bed specialist, Dreams, offers some advice on how to keep calm and relax in the run-up to the big day.

1) Say no to the champers

The countdown continues......

With just 15 days to go before the big day we catch up with bride to be Nichola after her Hen night in Edinburgh last week.

You've had a few days recovery time now so how was it?

Well recovery time was needed! I'm not just talking about the after effects of alcohol over indulgence either but I came back shattered. Not everything went according to plan but does it ever go completely smoothly on a Hen night!

So run us through the itinerary

The first hitch came when we arrived en masse at the train station to find our train to Edinburgh delayed and then cancelled. We had a two hour wait for the next one so what else could we do but head to the nearest bar and have a wee drink, purely to kill some time of course.....

Of course. And then?

The wedding countdown begins

With just 35 days to go to her wedding, bride to be Nichola Davis shares her feelings with Vows and venues.......

Nichola and partner Jonny have been together ten years meeting just before her eighteenth birthday.

Where and when? 2nd April, Park Hall Hotel, Charnock Richard in the Medieval suite.

What can you reveal about the day itself? Well I have taken full control of arrangements. I feel confident that everything is on track. I can reveal that there will be a Disney song or two, chocolate fountains and a nod to Jonny’s favourite football team.

How to promote your wedding venue

The wedding venues team at top ten ways in which to increase the exposure and quality of individual venues to the ever increasing wedding market.

❶ The majority of wedding couples do not know what type of wedding they want after a surprise engagement, so providing them with as much information about a particular venue at the beginning is important. From the capacity of the venue to what type of service it can offer and everything in between – this will provide couples with a good starting point.