4 quirky wedding gift ideas


4 quirky wedding gift ideas for couples who have it all

As couples tend to live with each other before tying the knot nowadays, it’s important to think outside of the box if you want to get them a gift they’ll truly cherish on their big day.

To help you pick out the perfect present for a soon-to-be married couple in your life, we’ve picked out four of our favourite quirky wedding gifts, all of which are sure to be well received by any couple who already has it all.

A personalised keepsake box

Give a couple starting their marred life together the perfect place to collect the mementos that mean the most to them with this elegant keepsake box from notonthehighstreet.com that can be personalised with their names and the date of their wedding. From their wedding cake topper to their hand-written vows, everything from their wedding day and beyond can be stored in this beautiful box, which makes an elegant ornament in its own right.

personalised keepsake box wedding gift

A LEGO wedding topper


Speaking of wedding cake toppers, a great quirky gift for newlyweds who are still firmly in touch with their inner-child is this excellent LEGO wedding cake topper, which you can get from Etsy. The brick stand can be personalised with a message of your choice, and you can also choose the bride’s hair colour so the figures perfectly represent the married couple in LEGO form.

lego wedding cake topper quirky wedding gift

Be their chauffeur for the day


If you’re an auto enthusiast with a nice car, perhaps the best wedding gift you can give a married couple when they’re tying the knot is the offer of being their chauffer for the day. Hiring a wedding car for a short journey to the venue and then onto the reception a few hours later can add hundreds onto the cost of a wedding, and by offering to take on the responsibility yourself, the happy couple will be able to put that money towards setting up their home together or making their honeymoon even more special instead.

Of course, if you want your car to be fit for a bride and groom on their wedding day, you’ll have to get it looking its very best. Follow the steps in Autosessive’s complete guide to detailing your car to have your car looking flawless with as little hassle as possible.

wedding gift ideas be their chauffeur for the day

An instant camera


It’s rare for people to print off their photos in the digital age and, while it’s definitely more convenient to be able to show your nearest and dearest your holiday snaps on your phone, it can be nice to have especially cherished memories printed and displayed in a beautiful photo album.

An instant camera — such as the Polaroid Snap, which you can pick up with same-day delivery from Argos — will allow the happy couple to easily capture all of the best moments from their big day in physical photographs. Accompany this with a luxurious photo album, like those in the range at Paperchase, and your gift may very well prove to be the most thoughtful they receive all day.

wedding gift ideas an instant camera

So, there you have it — four unique wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds who already have it all. Give any of these at the next wedding you attend and it may very well be one of the best gifts the happy couple receive all day.

married couple walking through red trees

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