5 Amazing Honeymoon Adventures

Idling away the day on a glorious white sand beach has its place in every honeymoon, but for days when a little adventure is on the cards, there is a new way of locating it. Envago, www.envagoapp.com the first marketplace for adventure travel where you can buy (and sell) adventures around the globe, has these 5 top adventures for honeymooners with a desire to see and experience the wonders of the natural world.

1. Cruising the Erg Chebbi Dunes in Morocco

Captivating stars above you, vibrant orange sands beneath you, cruise the Erg ChebbiDunes in Saharan Morocco atop your Arabian camel, known as a dromedary. The Erg Chebbi dunes are one of Morocco’s two ergs, or huge sand blown dunes that surround the villages of Merzouga and Hassi Labied. Watching the sunrise or the sunset as you trek the sands is an experience that you will never forget. 

2. Gorilla trekking in the Republic of Uganda

One of the most beautiful countries in Africa, Uganda is an emerging travel destination. In the Bwindi National Park with its mist covered mountains and mountain gorillas ugandarainforest, trek to see the endangered mountain gorilla on a challenging course headed by a ranger. Around half of the world’s population of mountain gorilla live at the Bwindi national park, but you may also be lucky enough to spot baboons, chimpanzees, elephants and antelopes. You can hike the 3667 meters of the Sabinyo volcano to the summit shared by three countries, Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. Nearby you will find accommodation for all budgets, from luxury lodges to campsites. 

3. The UNESCO world heritage Chagunarayan temple in Nepal

A true bucket list destination, Nepal offers stunning natural beauty with once in a lifetime experiences. Begin in Kathmandu as you wind through the mountains to the village of Nagarkot, reputedly the best spot for views of the central Himalayan ranges from its view tower. From here, your five hour trek to Chagunarayan begins, passing traditional Nepalese settlements before arriving in the small Newari village to visit Changu Narayan Temple, the oldest temple in Kathmandu and a UNESCO world heritage site. 

4. Reindeer sledding to see the northern lights in Norway

Seeing the fabled glowing lights, known as Aurora after the Roman goddess of dawn, is a true wonder. Both mysterious and unpredictable, the northern trip 1422608 1920lights can be seen in all of their rainbow glory in Norway. And to benefit from the full Norwegian experience, you can take a reindeer sled as you explore the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve, take in a traditional Sami village as you join in with a Sami folk song known as a Joik and taste Bidos, a traditional stew in the cosy surroundings of a Lavvu tent. 

5. Flying over Mount Everest 

From Kathmandu, board the flight that will take you on a tour of stunning mountain ranges including what is almost certainly the most famous mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Passing Langtang and Shisha Pangma at 8013m, then Dorje Lakpa a mountain resembling a tumbled over number ‘8’, next is Phurbi-Ghyachu looming over the Kathmandu Valley. Choba-Bhamare, small but never conquered comes next, followed by many other mountains before the magnificent Everest, known as Sagarmatha by the Nepalese and Chomolungma by the Tibetans. To experience this momentous landmark close up is thing of awe. 



November 22, 2016

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