For the Ethical bride

For the Ethical bride in search of the perfect wedding day jewels, look no further than Arctic Circle Diamonds and their stunning Northen Lights collecitons featuring sculptural rings, pendants and earring crafted in Fairtrade gold and set with scintillating Arctic Circle Canadian diamonds.

This day to evening wear diamond collection is designed for women seeking elegant and eye- catching diamonds perfectly suited to add a touch of glamour to any evening or bridal look, but is subtle enough to wear everyday. Combining Sarah Jordan’s signature flowing style with Arctic Circle’s Canadian diamonds and Fairtrade gold, Northern Lights pays homage to the shimmer and shapes of the aurora borealis, witnessed over the Arctic region where the diamonds are mined.

arctic circle collection

The collection comprises four pendants in a variety of lengths and styles, and five rings including the statement Aurora Borealis and Shooting Star cocktail rings. Its four earring designs include studs and styles that wrap around the ear. Elegant and wearable, the collection offers fully traceable diamond jewellery that has supported artisanal mining communities across the world.

arctic circle collection two

Several of the Fairtrade gold designs feature open settings, allowing the wearer to see the sides of each Arctic Circle diamond. There, a tiny serial number is engraved, allowing the wearer to trace their dazzling diamond back to the very mine from which is came. 

With growing interest from brides and grooms in the provenance of their fine jewellery and diamonds, Arctic Circle Diamonds continues to be a leader and innovator with its ethical bridal and fine jewellery.

The ultimate token of love that also has a beautiful story - The Arctic Circle collection is available in a choice of 18ct yellow or white Fairtrade gold. or


August 8, 2017

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