The soundtrack of a moment: choosing music for your wedding

The dress. The cake. The venue, the rings, the menu.

What’s the most important component of a wedding?

Every bride is different. But it’s the music that controls the ebb and flow of a long day of drinking, dancing and celebrating. From the entrance to the first dance to the small hours of partying; choosing the right music for your special day might be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

BM Artists is a network of the finest hand-selected musicians and entertainers from all over the world. Slicker than your average circuit singers, BM Artists is the agency of choice for artists who have shared the stage with Beyonce, Kylie, Rihanna and Elton. They have played on Jools Holland, Top of the Pops and Glastonbury, and entertained clients ranging from Queen Elizabeth and Sir Richard Branson to John Lewis, Aston Martin and Coca Cola. 

So what do some of the most experienced and talented musicians in the game have to say about choosing your wedding music?

Brendan, BM Artist & Saxophonist:brendan

“Walking into your wedding to a song that means something to you is very powerful. But having it played live, particularly with classical instruments, can put a smile on every face and a flutter in every stomach. The harp, the violin, the saxophone; these are evocative instruments that set the tone right from the off. This day will forever be classic, and this is the way to walk into it.”


Ellie, BM Artist & Vocalist:ellie

“Nothing but the voice of angels will do for serenading you into your first dance as a married couple. Find a talented singer that you have chemistry with – and one that really understands the bond between you and your partner. Your love will drive their performance and you’ll never hear that song in the same way again. It becomes otherworldly.”



Jaymo, BM Artist & Percussionist:jaymo

“For the evening, the sky is the limit and the world really is your oyster. I have performed alongside orchestras and jazz quartets, rock bands and DJs. Choose what suits you, not what impresses your guest, but make sure you choose the best. The chasm between a good and a great performer is wide and deep. The great performer becomes part of your special day and sings your friends and family into your new life, with the soundtrack of a moment that will last for the rest of your life.”



Brendan, Rachel, KT and 20 other BM Artists are waiting to add their experience and creativity to the running order of your special day. For more information, visit

Brendan Mills will be exhibiting at The National Wedding Show - Olympia London 17-19 February 2017 to book tickets to the show please head to 

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