A special timepiece for Grooms and Brides

Whether you’re a groomsmen looking for a special timepiece to go with your suit or a bride looking for a bit of sparkle or pearls to dangle from your ears, neck or wrist, WatchShop.com, the UK’s leading online watch and jewellery retailer, has something to fit everyone’s budget for the big day.  There are options for consumers who only have £25 to spend to those who can blow the budget with timepieces up to £4000, WatchShop.com has something for everyone to style their big day.  


But it’s not just something for the bride and groom, the mother-of-the-bride of mother-of-the-groom need to make sure everything is running to schedule.  Whether they want a watch that is simple and  sleek or a watch dial with floral decoration to match their dress, the ranges available has something to suit every mum’s style.  Not to mention beautiful pieces of jewellery to help her shine on the day. 

 ladies watch.jpg

mens watchThere are also special watches and jewellery which make wonderful gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids to thank them for all the time they have committed to help make the big day happen (and of course thank them for making their hen and stag parties memorable).  Watches and jewellery are a wonderful way to tell friends how much you appreciate them taking part in the wedding.  


Looking for something really unique?  Pocket watches aren’t just for groom attire.  WatchShop.com has a large range of affordable pocket watches to decorate tables, great for the bride and groom planning a Victorian-themed or Alice In Wonderland affair. 


Consumers planning an outdoor wedding will want to make sure squints are saved for camera flashes and not the glare of the sun.  For those occasions, WatchShop.com has a large range of sunglasses.  If you need sporty specs for a beach event (Nike) or designer frames for a castle garden do (Versace), the range is quite varied (including the ever popular RayBans).  So for mums and fathers who might be weeping a bit as their sons and daughters exchange their vows, these will really come in handy.



August 4, 2017

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