Tips to make your engagement ring meaningful

Apart from the buying of a house or a car, an engagement ring is one of the important and most significant purchases of your life. But for many guys, walking into a jewellery store feels like entering a maze. There are so many variables to judge, so many wrong turns to make and so many questions to ask. How big should it be? How much should I spend? What if I buy a fake? And underlining all those concerns is one single goal: finding the ideal ring, which his fiancé will cherish forever. It shouldn’t look like every other ring because then it'll be just a piece of jewellery without any symbolic value for your relationship. And thus, according to experts at Aida Design US, this -engagement ring selection- may be an ideal time to consider checking some beautiful custom made engagement rings. Why? Custom rings allow you to be involved in the whole process, which to many can look daunting, with all the inclusions of:

1 - The Shape is the definitive feature - 4C's (Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat)bridal sets

2- The importance of settings

3- Mission Incognito to hunt for her style

4: The band of commitment and understanding

5: Budget

As you can imagine, this procedure can be a little exhaustive to certain people but believe us, this gives you a lot of room for freedom, and if you know what you're getting into, then it could strengthen your relationship. A couple of years ago, a fellow blogger shared her story, where unfortunately she did not fell in love with her ring style. The crux of the story is that both her and her husband decided to alter the appearance of the band, which was influenced partly because of her lack of infatuation with the band and partly because it required resizing. So for the better, both of them decided to keep the settings and the gemstones, while changing the bands, which I might add is all credit to customised engagement ring. In a typical scenario, the outcome would've been straightforward, where both of them had to opt for a new ring. As mentioned earlier, any gemstone is characterised by 4C's (cut, colour, clarity, and carat), but even before these 4C's, you must know what shape your future fiancée loves. Shape indicates the actual geometry of the stone, as opposed to cut, which relates to the angles of the facets in the stone. And here comes the adventurous bit of this whole situation, either you choose to spy on her style of jewellery yourself or reconnaissance with her friends, the choice is all yours.

Additionally, a beautiful gemstone is one thing, but the importance of its cast is a predominant feature. Experts at Aida Design US remark that the metal framework in which your stone is mounted, can set the tone for a ring. Finding the correct combination of shape and setting is the key. Take a traditional round engagement ring stone as an example; it could get a modern makeover in a bezel setting. Similarly, a trendy oval can look more traditional in a four-prong setting.

engagement ring bannerDiamonds may be a preferred choice by a wide majority of girls, but it is not favoured by every girl out there. Yes, they're beautiful, sparkly, durable and a piece of timeless grace, but they're also a symbol of mainstream traditionalists. If you or your other half is the kind of lady who wants to wear something different on your finger then the following list can act as a starting point for you:

• Amethyst

• Turquoise

• Sapphire

• Emerald

• Morganite

• Topaz

• Opal

• Ruby

• Onyx

• Aquamarine

• Sunstone

• Tsavorite

• Tanzanite

You can choose any of the gemstones mentioned above and incorporate them by using her birthstone or her favourite hue. Options also extend from a three stone ring with a larger centre white diamond and two small stones in her favourite gemstone. This style works beautifully with princes' cut diamonds and pink and blue sapphires. 

Choose a unique setting - As mentioned earlier working with a custom designer allows you the freedom of choosing material that fancy you and additionally you can also decide which setting is best for a vintage to a modern halo setting.

Sometimes buying an expensive ring is not the answer, as it does not have much significance regarding efforts put into its completion and acquiring. Thus, proper time investment in this avenue will lead you to obtain acceptance with jubilation. Coupled with the fact that this custom ring will help her feel special every time she looks down at it will serve as a testament to your relationship. Customising opens up a wealth of possibilities, making it easier to make it all about her.

January 25, 2017

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