How to create a wedding arch for your wedding

Having a wedding arch is the perfect way to create a beautiful focal feature on your wedding day. No matter what your wedding style, a wedding arch is versatile, unique and will look fantastic at your venue.

You can use a wedding arch for many aspects of your wedding day, from a ceremony backdrop or an archway to get married underneath to an entrance decoration or a spot where all of your guests can have their photo taken. You can even use your arch for more than one use by having it moved for different aspects of your day making full use of the pretty feature.

Lindsey Hunter, wedding stylist at Get Knotted shares 7 wedding arch styles you can create for your wedding day.

7 wedding arch styles you can create for your wedding day

Enchanting wedding archWild and rustic – if you are looking to add some colour and texture to your wedding venue, a large foilage and floral arch is the perfect decoration for an entrance. Don’t worry about making the arch too uniform as the wild look will make your arch stand out and look bigger than it is. Accompany an entrance archway with some matching floral decorations such as on windows and pew ends, and add some simple greenery to fill plain spaces.

Less is more – find a romantic spot such as a large tree or next to a lake or garden to have an outdoor ceremony. Add a touch of nature with an arch made from twisted willow with asymmetric flowers in your chosen colour scheme. Add some floral displays using the same flowers to the base of your arch and down your aisle.

Simple and contemporary – create a stunning backdrop to get married next to with simple green foliage and white roses. Add different varieties of foliage such as ivy, eucalyptus, laurel, asparagus fern and fir for some different green hues. Team this with a contemporary curtain of festoon lights behind and overhead.

Wedding arch with lightsClassic and fresh – floral arches are perfect for adding a touch of classic freshness to a church ceremony. If you have a grand, open entrance to your church, attach trailing foliage and your chosen flowers to the structure itself rather than making a freestanding archway, which will add height and a sense of grandure. Line the path leading to the entrance with fresh bay trees and box plants.

Natural beauty – when using lots of bold colours on your wedding day, keeping your floral arrangements neutral is the perfect way to enhance its features. If you are having a coloured backdrop, create a natural arch to get married under using twisted willow and dried hops. Add hints of white or ivory with some artificial hydrangeas, they look superb and make a stunning wedding arch affordable and it can be set up in advance.

Upcycling – create an elegant, simple arch by upcycling some tree posts and wood. Silver birch posts are perfect for the sides of Wedding arch in marquean arch. Team this with a salavaged wooden beam (the example was a beautiful piece of driftwood found on a beach) to go horizontally between the silver birch posts. Add fresh flowers such as hydrangeas, lillies, chrysanthemum blooms, thistles and foliage to the top.

Big and beautiful – oversized foliage and blooms are really on trend for 2018. Create a wow factor focal feature with a natural foliage base of beech, asparagus fern and ivy, then add lots and lots of daisies to break up the mass of green. Place this outside your venue for guests to enjoy as they walk in.

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February 9, 2018

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