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Men are ditching the 'hire' option and going for a suit they can wear again and again


Britain’s biggest independent menswear brand with stockists across the UK has reported a spike in sales of lounge suits as grooms ditch something borrowed for something blue (to keep) when it comes to their wedding outfit.

Now determined to enjoy the wedding shopping experience as much as the bride-to-be, men are steering away from hired top hat and tails and choosing to buy sharply tailored suits instead with vivid blues the favoured colour.

Douglas​ said more grooms were investing in a suit they could keep with many also treating their best men and ushers to their own suits as gifts for helping out on their big day.

Everything you need to know about ordering a tailored wedding suit

Everything you need to know about ordering a tailored wedding suite, Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería - licence


Finding the perfect suit for your big day can be a tough task, especially when faced with the huge range of styles and colours available at retail and specialist stores. Many people look to the high street for their suits, but the hours of trekking around can often prove fruitless due to limited design ranges and one-size-fits-all cuts that just don’t quite match your build.

If this sounds familiar, then it might be time you considered investing your time and money into a tailored suit that will give you a lot more freedom in your design and fitting choices.

Read on to find out how to you should go about ordering a customised suit that will help you to look great and feel comfortable when the time comes to exchange your vows.

2016 trends in Bridal and Groomswear 

2016 trends in Bridal and Groomswear Honey Back wedding dress, Maria Morris Couture, Cheadle

Low backs with intricate detailing

Stunning backs are an ever growing trend in modern wedding gowns. With your back turned to your guests for most of the wedding, brides love to have an intricate and beautiful design to accentuate the back as well as the front, wowing both their guests and their future partner.

Knutsford Wedding Gallery, Cheshire say “The trends for 2016 are heading towards stunning low backs, either sheer with delicate detailing or completely backless, allowing for beautiful elegance with a sense of drama”

Lace with a modern twist

6 winning wedding looks to ensure the groom looks his best

6 winning wedding looks to ensure the groom looks his best

Most women have been planning their wedding day since they were old enough to pretend to walk down the aisle.

Over the years, they will have considered the types of flowers they will be carrying, whether or not the wedding will take place in a church, a big country house or a castle. They will know if they want a big family wedding, or if they will be heading somewhere special with a few family members. They will know if they want to get married in spring, summer, autumn or winter and can describe The Dress in minute detail.

Groom’s suit should complement the colour scheme

Slate Tailcoat Group, Groom’s suit should complement the colour scheme

As the excitement around your big day begins to mount, the endless tasks and boxes to tick can mean that some important aspects of the day are at risk of being neglected. Whilst there’s probably been countless hours spent selecting the perfect wedding dress, arranging the seating plan and choosing romantic floral displays, the groom’s outfit is often at risk of being given slightly less time and attention.

Whilst it might not be as big a talking point as the dress (many assume a suit is simply a suit), the groom’s suit should complement the colour scheme and the feel of the day perfectly, and careful thought should be given - not only to the groom’s attire - but to that of his party as well.

Brief insight into tartan classic

Youngs Highland Clothing, tartan classic, Groomswear

Following news that tradition of Scottish Highland wear is continuing to transcend the border and grow in popularity all around the UK, the experts at Young’s Hire are here to give you a brief insight into the tartan classic.

When it comes to special occasions and getting formal, traditional highland wear has always been seen as a statement of true Scottish identity. However, with the style being as popular as ever, Young’s Hire, the UK’s largest independent men’s formalwear supplier examines the Scottish style.