Britain’s top superstitions revealed - over 51 million people in the UK are superstitious

Britain’s top superstitions revealed - over 51 million people in the UK are superstitious

Whether it’s touching wood, avoiding the number 13 or crossing your fingers for luck you are not alone, over 51 million (78%) Brits believe in superstitions.

New research* carried out by Ladbrokes Casino, found that 30% of us cross our fingers for luck and 32% believe finding a penny is also lucky.

More than two out of five Brits (41%) believe walking under a ladder will bring bad luck and over a third (35%) believe that touching wood will prevent something bad happening to them.

The same research also found that a quarter (25%) of Brits believe that burning ears is a sign that someone is talking about you.

Women proved to be more superstitious with 83% saying they believed in superstitions compared to 70% of men.

Which celebrity nuptials are coming up and predictions of the day

Which celebrity nuptials are coming up and predictions of the day

After thoroughly enjoying the wedding of Meghan and Harry in May, we can’t wait to see Princess Eugenie marry her beau, Jack Brooksbank in October...and in the same chapel too, how lovely. It will be great to see all the Royals together once again, and with Princess Eugenie’s parents being the best divorced couple she knows, let’s hope no rifts show themselves on the big day itself as Fergie will be taking centre stage too!  That said, they’ll all be on their best behaviour I’m sure!

Her ‘Tiara Debut’

How to get better sleep before your big day

Woman asleep on bed

Sleep: we all need it but, sometimes, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. It affects your long-term health and energy levels, but also has an impact on your physical appearance – probably one of the biggest concerns for brides-to-be before their big day. 

In general, adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep but the exact amount varies from person to person. A good night’s sleep won’t rid you of your problems in the run up to your wedding day, but it can mean that you’re able to deal with difficult or stressful situations more easily. 

A guide to choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your big day 

A guide to choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your big day 

Flowers are part of every wedding checklist. Adding blooms to your big day can be as simple as a single rose in a button hole to going full Kim Kardashian and having a wall of flowers. Historically, wedding bouquets are symbolic of youth, beauty and love and the tie represents the union between the couple. 

Flowers have the ability to transform a space by adding colour and enhancing the theme of a wedding.  With an abundance to choose from, here are some questions to ask yourself before selecting your wedding florals.

When are you getting married?

Top Tips for Good Gut Health

Berries - Top Tips for Good Gut Health

A healthy gut is vital to our overall health and wellbeing and one of the most important organs in the body. It may be easy to take for granted, but this special organ really does deserve to be looked after!

The good news is that it isn’t hard to show your gut some love, Dietitian Jo Travershas shared her top tips for good gut health. 

As Jo says; “The gut has now been found to do a lot more than just digest the food we eat. We now know that there is a direct connection between the gut and our brain and with a little looking after it will definitely look after you.” 

Eat a varied diet

8 Winter Wedding Trends

Winter wedding accessories

8 Winter Wedding Trends by La Fête founder Charlotte Ricard-Quesada

Utilising years of event-planning expertise, La Fête, founded in 2016 by Charlotte, plans and orchestrates truly bespoke experiences with a thoroughly multicultural and cosmopolitan touch. Charlotte seamlessly translates her experience working in the fashion world into events for individuals from around the world and has put together her top 8 winter wedding trends to look out for this year. 

1.    Jewel Tones

Champagne? No thanks we'll have the cash, say engaged couples

Champagne? No thanks we'll have the cash, say engaged couples

Popping a bottle of champagne is the time-honoured way to toast an engagement, but new research has revealed that newly engaged couples are looking for something a little different to mark the milestone. 

A survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by One4all, the Post Office gift card, found that more than anything, 1 in 2 British adults (54%) would prefer to receive cash or a gift card to use to help pay for their wedding, as an engagement gift.

The data revealed the gifts that newly engaged couples would like to receive once the big question has been popped, with cash and gift cards topping the list. 

Ideas for 1 Year Anniversary Gifts: The Year of Paper

Ananya cards - anniversary gifts

Reaching a one year milestone is always a very momentous and moving moment, whether personal or professional, and none more so than the first wedding anniversary! Almost all cultures associate a symbol with this landmark - like soft cotton, clocks, mother of pearl, carnations, and paper – but of course the latter is the most exciting one for us here at Ananya! We love the idea of the first year being akin to a blank sheet, with so many chapters yet to be written. We’ve gathered here for you some paper-inspired ideas for gifts to celebrate your first year together, and we hope you enjoy them!

Historical weddings

Historical weddings

For couples that find fascination in history and like to focus on the ‘something old’ part of the wedding tradition, a theme rooted in history can add a special element to their day. A historical theme can be the starting point for everything from the food and clothes, to the flowers and decoration of the room, transporting the whole wedding party back in time.

Victorian themed

Add the F factor to your wedding!

Add the F factor to your wedding!

Forget the favours, the theme, the table decoration, according to one of the UK’s event experts, more couples need to think about the fun factor for their wedding day.

Sunny Sandwell, director of fun at Sunshine Events said: “Months, sometimes years of planning go into a couple’s big day, but what often gets over looked is the entertainment, often couple’s just opt for the traditional wedding band, however there’s so much you can do on your wedding day to really make it a day to remember.”

Sunshine Events work on weddings up and down the country, providing everything from photo booths to mobile casinos to even inflatable assault courses and virtual reality zones, to really add a wow factor to the traditional wedding day.

Revealed: THIS is how much you should spend on that all-important wedding present 

Revealed: THIS is how much you should spend on that all-important wedding present 

With wedding season in full swing, guests across the country will be asking themselves the same questions: how much should I spend on a present and is it okay to give cash?! 

Research* from personal loan provider, Hitachi Personal Finance, has got to the bottom of just how much the nation spends on (and expects to receive as)  a wedding present, and if cash/vouchers or a physical gift is better. 

5 Steps to Perfect Wedding Décor

5 Steps to Perfect Wedding Decor

Step 1 - Book Your Venue

Whether it be a big country house, village hall, a marquee, or an urban venue – look at the décor that is already there.  Look at the walls – what colour are they? Look at the furniture, ornaments and wall hangings.  Don’t forget to look down at your feet! – What colour and pattern do you see?  I have seen hotels with red and gold patterned carpets, and the bridal party chose hot pink as their main colour.  No no no!  Just no! You’ve got be a wizard capable of actual magic to make this work.  

The best venues are ones that have white walls, minimal décor and wood flooring – a blank canvas.

Step 2 – Hire a Wedding Planner

The Snappy Couple

The Snappy Couple


Four in ten freshly engaged[1] couples (42.1%) have announced their engagement on social media before telling their friends and family about the engagement 

A quarter of Brits (24.6%) admit they would post a picture of themselves on social media even before telling their parents the good news

Nearly half of Brits (47.3%) actually admit they would feign surprise if they already anticipated their partner popping the question 

Well over half (60.6%) of people wanting their partner to pop the question even admit to planning their own engagement 

The average value of engagement rings resting upon the fingers of Brits is £715

Discover Your Perfect Honeymoon Package

Discover Your Perfect Honeymoon Package

With summer wedding season heating up, many couples set to tie the knot are thinking about that all-important question – where to spend their first romantic trip as newlyweds. And with honeymoons being the second biggest pay-out 0f the wedding, costing an average of £3,630 (Hitched.co.uk), it’s no surprise that couples are turning to their nearest and dearest to ask for a contribution to help towards their dream getaway.