Intimate weddings: Why bigger is not always better

Vows and Venues would like to introduce you to our new guest blogger Milena Gorska, wedding and private events planner at The Brewery. Her first blog with us is all about Intimate weddings.

Milena works alongside senior members of The Brewery’s team, managing and overseeing the delivery of all weddings and private events held at the venue, from new enquiries and conversions to supporting throughout the event planning process.

Intimate weddings with milena​Milena is also responsible for the development of The Brewery’s dedicated wedding brand ‘Proposal’, working alongside the creative director on all marketing activity and continuing to establish the venue as market leaders in tailored service.

Intimate weddings: Why bigger is not always better

Every soon-to-be-wed couple dreams of a decadent wedding day, but does it always have to be a large and lavish affair? Often it’s worth considering what you might gain from cutting down the guest list and stripping back the décor.


Everything gets taken up a notch

Less can often mean more, with intimate weddings allowing newlyweds to take each element of their day to the next level. For example, you might opt for a four course dinner for 50 close friends and family rather than a buffet for 150. Alternatively, halving the guest list and putting the extra budget behind the bar, pairing premium wines and spirits with each course, will create a more refined dining experience and is sure to go down a treat with the guests that do make the list!


More time to spend with guests

One of the most common post-wedding complaints is that ‘the whole day just went too fast’. As one of the biggest days of anyone’s life, each moment of your wedding should be savoured, which can be difficult when you’ve also got 150+ guests to entertain. Most of us will have been to a wedding where you only get to speak to the couple at the receiving line and it can often leave guests feeling like spare parts. Cutting the numbers means each guest is afforded more time with the married couple and creates a more intimate celebration. The smaller guest numbers also means couples can increase the spend per head and make sure each guest feels that they are a special part of the day.


Getting creative

A more intimate wedding gives couples the freedom to tailor and customise elements of the day so that each component reflects them as a couple. This could be in the form of handwritten notes for all guests, DIY favours or even a short anecdote from your history as a couple. Personalised weddings are all about getting creative, paying attention to the details and providing guests with a unique experience.


The photographs will be amazing

Photographers love a smaller wedding. Rather than spending the day trying to coax guests into group shots, photographers can focus on the personal moments that capture pure emotion. Having a lot less to shoot means the photographer can snap more of the day and show off those all important details that make any wedding great.


March 16, 2018

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