Natalie Lovett shares her 3 wedding cut backs

Our monthly blog from Natalie Lovett of Love to Plan is here, this month she talks to us what wedding cut backs you could make for your wedding that nobody will notice.

Add the word ‘wedding’ to any sentence and it feels like everything goes up ten-fold! 

Honestly, it’s not because you’re being ripped off, it’s actually because it’s an event that’s massively important to all involved and it takes extra time on the suppliers’ behalf to ensure that everything is perfect for you...but how can you make cut backs – cut backs that won’t jeopardise the day?

First up, before considering what you can cut back on, DON’T cut back on great food, great drinks and great music - seriously, I’ve organised over 100 weddings and I promise you, the best weddings have investment here!

So, here’s my top 3 wedding cut backs: 

wedding cut backsBridesmaids & Grooms Men

Dresses and suits are an expensive business and your guests won’t give a second thought as to whether you have 7 bridesmaids or just 1.  If you’re looking to cut back, and unless your bridal party are happy to pay for their outfits, this is a perfect area in which to do so.

Ceremony flowers

Nobody will pay much attention to how many hundreds of pounds you’ve spent on ceremony flowers, so if you can afford one WOW factor and not two, save it for your reception venue – you’ll spend far more time there too, and during the ceremony, your guests will only have eyes for the bride and groom!


You’ve invested in a beautiful, theme-matching wedding cake, so make sure it’s eaten.  All too often around 75% of your wedding cake is packaged up and returned to you the day after your wedding which is a great shame – so why not make it your Wedding Breakfast dessert?

Cut your cake before your speeches, your caterers can whip it away and slice it up ready for service with tea / coffee, and at the end of your speeches it is presented to your guests – perfect!

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