5 Practical Tips for a Fashionable Wedding

There are plenty of thrilling temptations for a bride to avoid, and just as many less exciting, but practical things to focus on. Sure, your wedding day is something you’ve been daydreaming about since you were a little girl, but don’t rush off sketching your princess gown just yet. In order to get to the fun part of micro managing, you’ll actually need to plan and organize a bigger picture. 

Here are our 5 practical tips that you should start with.

1. Start Planning Now

Fashionable wedding parties take months, sometimes even a year to plan. You’ll need to organize an entire army of people, book a venue, a catering service, a photographer, and a photo editing service, and choose a perfect theme and a style. Much of these things won’t go as smoothly as you would wish them to – there’ll be dozens of schedules to sync, opinions to hear, and options to consider. The sooner you begin making these plans, the less unexpected problems you’ll have. Start with a budget review, since that’s what sets the pace and the scope of the event.

2. Talk to Your Partnermoney jar

Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page from the very beginning. In case you haven’t discussed the actual wedding before, don’t wait for longer than a day or two after the question’s been popped. There’s never an “I” in marriage, which means that, from now on, every decision you make will have to be a compromise. Now is a good time to talk about the preferences of both, allocate responsibilities and, if need be, agree to disagree about some of the aspects of your big day.

3. Include Only the Right People  

The wedding ceremony will be a celebration of your love and successful partnership, so feel free to be a little spoiled and make it all about the two of you. And, since your family and friends will certainly be enthused, don’t be shy to include them in the planning process. No doubt that there are many talented people around you – ask them to contribute anyway they can, be that friendly advice or an actual skill. Beware of meddlers, though! It’s possible that your family will have requests of their own, so don’t forget to set some boundaries as you reach out to them for help.  

4. Trim Your Guest List wedding oufits

You’ll be tempted to invite just about everyone you know, too. It’s the happiest day of your adult life, and it’s perfectly understandable that you want to flaunt your shiny rock throughout the city. Still, try to resist it for now, at least until you’ve set the budget. A stylish wedding doesn’t have to imply a crowded party, and tying the knot in the intimate circle of family and close friends is always a more rewarding experience. Besides, a short guest list means less worries and more money for planning it just the way you want. 


5. Make a Wedding Binder

Finally, start penning it all down. You can use the computer, of course, but know that a big part of the process will come in a paper form. Good old wedding binders are a great way to keep your contracts and receipts tidy and organized, not to mention the checklist, seating charts, menus and budget worksheets. If you make it pretty and turn it into a scrapbook with fun pictures taken along the way, a binder will be your own wedding favour, and a memorabilia to last you a lifetime. 


We won’t lie and tell you that planning a wedding isn’t a stressful journey from time to time. Stay focused on the happily ever after, though, and don’t forget to have some fun!

June 14, 2017

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