Be Bespoke, Be Unique, Be You

A Mary-Elizabeth Bride has a unique quality; the ability to design and create the most “important” item of clothing she will ever wear, that shows off who she truly is. I can visualise a dress that fuses comfort, and style, that tells your individual story, ensuring that your dress will take everyone's breath away.


There is a saying that "every outfit tells a story", so why wear a dress a million other Ladies have chosen when you can have your very own bespoke dress that tells the greatest love story of all? Yours.


I am incredibly passionate about my work - and the brides I work with are at the very heart of what I do (after all, without them I wouldn't be able to do what I love for a living). The inspiration for an entire gown can come from the smallest details - from a delicate embellishment to a particular design of fabric.

Be Bespoke, Be Unique, Be You


As a new upcoming business in the Wedding family, I am extremely excited and honoured to be on such a journey and work with all our current and future Brides.


I have worked with brides who have had their Grandmothers vintage dress altered, just so they can be a part of their big day, some who have simply requested little additional details and embellishments and others who have a more challenging life than others where a specifically adapted dress is key - but I work with you in mind, each bride has their own story and each bride their own style and comforts and together we work towards a gown that is not only your perfect dress, but one which will allow you to feel at ease throughout your special day.

Be Bespoke, Be Unique, Be You


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Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - 10:15

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