Bridesmaids are an invaluable help thank them with a special gift

It takes more than 2 to put together the perfect wedding. Always standing by your side, but never taking the spotlight, are some of the most important people involved in throwing the most fabulous celebration. From months of planning to last minute fixes your bridesmaids are an invaluable help, which is why they deserve to be thanked with a special token when all the wedding madness is over. 

But finding the perfect gift for a group of bridesmaids can be tricky. What’s important to remember is that not only is this a gift to celebrate the big day that they’re getting to be a part of, but that it’s a heartfelt thank you for each individual, that can will be used and treasured after the wedding day is over.


No-one wants to receive a gift that feels as though no thought has gone in to the selection of it, just as no-one wants something that’s going to be all about the bride’s day and not reflect who they are or what they’ve done. A gift with your wedding date on it, for example, isn’t going to fly (yes, this happens!). 

Think about each of your bridesmaids individually. What are their likes? What are their dislikes? What jewellery


do they wear? What are their favourite drinks? Will they enjoy something they can keep, or a great memory with their friend? And don’t feel as though all the bridesmaids’ gifts have to match. It’s more likely that they all have different styles and preferences, and they’re far more likely to appreciate getting something that will stand out as being distinctly “for them” than to just receive something generic being given to the group.

Gift retailer knows that the key to finding the perfect bridesmaid thank you gift is variety. Whatever your bridesmaid’s favourite things – whether they love fashion, drinks, funny stuff, sweet stuff, weird and wonderful stuff – they’ve got a present idea that will suit every individual. A beautiful accessory that can be worn ever day will always remind them of the connection you share with them. A fun experience you can do together will create new memories and give you more time to bond with your bridesmaids. A personalised gift puts that heartfelt touch and turns a cute present in to a truly unique one. The options are endless. Just consider your favourite aspects of each of your bridesmaids’ personalities, and the hard work that they’ve put in to help make your wedding day the perfect event, and picking the ideal thank you gift for them will suddenly become so much easier.

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