Fabelle-London’s Fab tips for happy feet!

It has been said that planning a wedding is a series of endless details that cause both frustration and elation. There is however one detail your feet don't want you to overlook; your shoes. Although it is important to think foremost about function over fashion when picking your wedding shoes, we recommend you find a happy middle ground by following our top tips!


1. Remember you have to wear your shoes!

You may have fallen head over heels in love with those skyscraper Louboutin’s, but no one wants to be the Bride that literally fell head over heels as she walked down the aisle! You have to be prepared to stand, walk and dance around in those heels all day. Wobbling around in heels that are too high isn’t a good look, and has the potential to ruin your day. Be realistic with your choice, will your skyscraper heels ruin those romantic moments you are dreaming of?

2. Look for a shoe that offers more support


While the shoe you pick is a matter of personal preference there are a few key elements to consider when making that choice.

• Try to keep the height between 1-2 inches. This will still give you the elegance of wearing heels, but will reduce the strain to your back, feet and toes whilst wearing them all day.

• Try to avoid mules and single strap styles. Ideally a shoe will support the ball of your foot and your heel. Try to find a style that holds your foot in place, this will put less strain on your feet whilst you are walking down the aisle.

• A thicker heel or even a wedge will offer better arch support and will also aid your balance.

• Don’t worry if they are not what you always dreamed of, you will appreciate the support they have offered you on your big day. And you can always glam them up with a pair of Barefoot sandals!

3. Consider your location and venue


If you are having a beach wedding, then consider that it will be almost impossible to walk down a sandy aisle in heels. Perhaps a pair of barefoot sandals, gorgeous flip flops or even a sensible pair of wedges will be the perfect option.

On the same note some historic venues will ban stiletto heels to protect vintage wooden floors, it is worth checking with your venue in advance and make sure you adhere to their requirements.

4. Practice walking in your heels!

Practice, practice and practice walking in your shoes so that you’re really used to them by your big day. It may


be obvious but many brides forget to wear their shoes in and end up with sore toes! Wear them around the house well in advance so that if any spots rub it gives you enough time to make small amendments.

A note for the groom… Make sure he too buys his shoes well before the big day so he can wear them in.  If the shoes are tight around his toes, send him to the shoe repairer to get some shoe stretching solution.

5. Avoid blisters by keeping your feet dry.

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Sweaty feet and tight shoes are a guaranteed recipe for blisters. Keep the bathroom stocked with a bit of talcum powder or spray deodorant and apply to your feet as needed. This is a great idea to have in your bathroom not only for you; but your guests. Perhaps supply a few other bathroom essentials too! Hair grips, mini sewing kit, chewing gum etc. Your guests will be grateful for the extra thought!

6. To dance or not to dance!

Are you wanting to dance the night away or having a ceilidh for the evening?

If you couldn’t resist those sky scraping heels, get you’re self a second pair of lower, more comfortable shoes for

wedding slippers

this. From pretty pumps, to flip flops and barefoot sandals there are styles to suit everyone.

Don’t forget your guests too, they won’t have thought about the pitfalls of heels all day!

Why not place a crate full of beautiful flip flops or slippers by the dance floor for your guest to slip into in the evening? Let them also dance the night away in comfort!

At Fable-London you will find enchanting collection of wedding flip flops, barefoot sandals and accessories, perfect for every wedding, event or special occasion.



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