Myweeteepee – Little Spaces for Little People


When planning a wedding, it is sometimes difficult to find little things for children that not only let them have fun, but which also fits within the whole look of the day. For children the day can feel long and parents want to enjoy themselves too, so it is important to make sure they are entertained and occupied so everyone can have a great time.

Beautiful in design, the Myweeteepees offer children a perfect hideaway to play in, read in or chill out in whilst looking so stunning they look great in any room, garden or wedding setting.

Big enough for up to 3 children to sit comfortably, the teepees are strong enough to withstand busy playing children and the solid wood poles are rounded at the top for safety. The teepees are four sided which offers far more flexibility when finding the perfect space to set the teepee up

Myweeteepee – Little Spaces for Little People

Made with Repix (

Myweeteepee bundles come with a non-slip lightly wadded matching floor mat, cute bunting flags and a carry bag. Each teepee is handcrafted using soft yet superior quality thick cotton canvas and applique designs are embroidered onto the canvas creating a beautiful finish.

Myweeteepee – Little Spaces for Little People

So simple to put together, it takes no time at all – simply insert the poles into the fabric tabs and then thread the rope string through the rivet holes and around the pole and pull together. Pull the poles apart – and voila! Adorable little space for little people in a flash! Once done, the teepees can be simply folded like an umbrella which makes them easily transportable or stored.

Perfect for any wedding decor, the teepees come in a range of designs to suit all colour themes. Available online at, each one costs £149.99 – and there’s even matching smaller ones for pets too!

Make a statement at your wedding with the a beautiful Myweeteepee.


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