Post-Christmas health-kick to get you glowing for your big day

It’s January, the time to get in shape and give your body the boost it needs following the Christmas extravagance. What’s more, you’re getting married this year, meaning you have even more reason to flout the festive excess and get fit, healthy and glowing for the big day. Fortunately help is at hand, as Venus Bridal, specialists in bridalwear for all occasions, provide advice on how brides and grooms can get into shape and feel fit for their impending wedding.


Join a gym

Gym membership soars in January, for obvious reasons! The trick, don’t just join a gym in January and give it up in February! Keep up a regular gym routine throughout the whole of the year, especially in the run-up to the wedding.Post-Christmas health-kick to get you glowing for your big day

Join a gym that you can realistically visit and afford. Set a routine for visiting the gym that works around your daily schedule, such as going to work, doing the school runs and having some relaxing ‘you time’.

When you are at the gym, set realistic fitness goals. Don’t aim for too much too soon and instead build your strength and fitness levels up gradually.

If you lack motivation when it comes to exercise, gyms can be a great way to motivate you, as you’ll be exercising alongside other people, meaning you’ve got no excuse giving up and you’ll be kept motivated right up to the wedding.


Eat healthily

They say we are what we eat, and if the excess turkey, mulled wine and mince pies are meaning you’re a tad on the bloated and lethargic side, it’s time to detox from the inside by eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Consuming the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, eating plenty of oily fish and getting a well-balanced diet, which avoids too much fat, sugar and salt, will not only help you shed the post-Christmas bulge, will it will help boost your energy levels, which you’ll definitely rely on when planning a wedding!


Post-Christmas health-kick to get you glowing for your big day


Avoid crash dieting

A crash diet might be tempting to shift the excess Christmas weight and to get you in shape for your wedding. However, crash diets can be dangerous and counterproductive, resulting in more weight gain when normal eating is resumed.

Instead of crash dieting, combining a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of exercise, will help you look your best for your forthcoming wedding.


Cut down on alcohol and drink plenty of water

If the Christmas season saw you reach for one too many gin and tonics, cutting down on alcohol might be high on your agenda. If you’re getting married this year, it might be a good idea to extend your ‘dry-January’ into the rest of the year, or at least cut down on the alcohol you consume and don’t exceed the recommended units per week for men and women.

Not only are the likes of wine, beer and spirits, laden with ‘wasted calories’, but drinking too much alcohol wreaks havoc with the skin, making us appear blotchy, more lined and generally older.

By contrast, water is hailed as a saint to the skin and drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day can leave us feeling and looking fresher, more rejuvenated and positively glowing.

Now’s the perfect time to get into the habit of consuming less alcoholic units each week and drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day, to help you look lean, radiant and healthy on your big day.

Post-Christmas health-kick to get you glowing for your big day

Get more sleep

With our hectic lifestyles, combining work, family and play, not to mention planning for a wedding, can easily result in us foregoing sleep. Striving to get the recommended seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night can do wonders for our energy levels, mental health and appearance.

The notion of ‘beauty sleep’ shouldn’t be underestimated, as getting enough sleep really can help us feel and look better, a triumph that every bride and groom wants to have successfully achieved on their wedding day.

Post-Christmas health-kick to get you glowing for your big day


This blog post was written by Venus Bridal, specialists in diverse bridal wear. With such a beautiful and diverse range of bridalwear, Venus Bridal, can also help brides look their best on their wedding day.



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