The Omega VSJ Vertical Slow Juicer is a very trendy juicer that will make a style statement in any kitchen, and also makes the perfect summery wedding gift for the couple who has everything.

With the recent announcement of the sugar tax, making your own juices at home is a great, very healthy way to make sure you and your kids drink nutrient-dense juices with no sugar, preservatives or other artificial processed nasties.

Slow juicers retain more nutrients, keep healthy enzymes in tact, and produce more juice yield than fast juicers. They are also great at juicing leafy greens and other veggies, too, and the juices have a longer shelf life, which is great for families.

VSJ Vertical Slow Juicer

Create juices with longer shelf life that retain all healthy enzymes with THE best slow juicer on the market

It's common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are jam-packed with vitamins, fibre, antioxidants and minerals that are essential for a healthy lifestyle, and - although it is advised that Brits eat five portions a day - in reality, many of us do not manage to squeeze enough into our diets. (1)

Juicing is a phenomenal way to flood the body with nutrition and ensure that the daily quota is smashed. And, as well as ensuring that all the goodness from a huge variety of fruits and veggies

are introduced into the daily diet, juicing also uses raw fruits and veggies, meaning that all the vitamins (some of which are reduced by cooking) remain intact for maximum health benefits.

Although fast juicers have always been popular because they’re cheap and they juice quickly, serious health juicers know that the downsides of fast juicing are that it is a less effective method of juice extraction - especially when juicing leafy greens.

For health lovers who are serious about juicing, its becoming

much more about the slow juicer, and for long lasting super- healthy juices, the Omega VSJ843R Vertical Slow Juicer is the only piece of equipment required.

The motor rotates at around 50% of the speed of original low speed juicers, and the juicer features a gentle squeezing action when juicing fruits and vegetables. The gentle action keeps healthy enzymes in tact, reduces heat build-up and delays the oxidation process, meaning that the juices have a longer shelf-life. It also creates less pulp and the highest yield of any slow juicer on the market.

Additionally, the juicer strains more juice and breaks down fibre to a more palatable level, so that juices are smoother and nutrient dense, perfect for a morning pick-me-up and ideal for creating delicious juices for children that are sugar free, and completely free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and other nasties. (2)


Nick Ledger at UK Juicers, commented: "The UK is finally waking up to the slow juicing revolution, and this Omega VSJ843R Vertical Slow Juicer is the best all-rounder. Masticating slow juicers such as this one squeeze the maximum amount of nutrition from fruit and veggies.

"Cheap, under-performing Chinese copies of brands like Omega are more and more common. If you want the best value though, this high quality original will pay for itself many times by reducing ingredient waste. The VSJ gives a higher overall juice yield than any other juicer we've ever tested, so it provides the very best value for money. More delicious, nutrient-dense juice, and less waste!"

As well as being the best piece of kitchen equipment required for a healthy diet, the Omega VSJ Vertical Slow Juicer (which comes in Red, White or Silver) looks chic, and makes a bold style statement in any cool kitchen.

The Omega VSJ843R Vertical Slow Juicer is available from priced at £379. It comes with a free choice of juicing book that's packed full of inspiration and recipes.

For further information, please visit silver




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