Tying the Knot on the Road: Ideas for a Fun Wedding

All those who adore romantic movies have, at least once in their lives, imagined how it would be like to have a wedding abroad. The idea somehow always seems magical whether it involves tying the knot on a sunny blue beach, or a crystal white winter celebration. 

The possibilities are so alluring that merely a few can resist the urge to pack the bags and go on the road with a loved one. Although the dream remains buried by work and finances, every year, more couples dare to make these wishes come true.  

What is their secret, one might ask, yet the answer is simple – proper planning. With a well-constructed wedding plan, there is nothing stopping you from having the wedding you desire. However, if you are running out of ideas, here are some tips that will help you kick off.  

How to Manage the Budget?groom and bride

First and foremost, choose a wedding destination and make the list of invitees. Once you know the location, start researching available options and fees. Then consider the costs with the number of parties you are planning to invite to get the rough figures of the wedding budget.   

Look for the most affordable, yet professional vendors and focus on the suitable venues. Do not be taken for a fool, choose the menus, and reserve everything months upfront to secure that all goes according to the plan.  

On the other hand, don’t forget to invest in a wedding photographer. Those memories should be immortalized, hence, hire someone with a worthy experience. Nonetheless, if by any chance you feel disappointed in the wedding imagery, don’t despair, but confide in Image editing services and highly skillful editors to fix the problem.

What about the Guests?cheers

Attendance of the invited party mainly depends on the affordability of the destination. Many couples chose to extend the celebration and make it into a festive weekend to assure the comfort of their guest. 

It is expected of the bride and groom to pay for the wedding reception, the rehearsal dinner, the party, and the brunch the morning after. The invitees should pay for the airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and any other activity outside the wedding itinerary.

Where to Go?

There are plenty of places to go, just think of the one that charms you the most. Some of the popular wedding destinations include: 

● Hawaii – The ideal spot for a tropical wedding adventure. Many chose Kauai or “Garden Isle” to say “I do” on a slow-paced, secluded island. Still, the most romantic location remains the gorgeous Maui with waterfalls and rainbows kisses. 

● Aspen - Colorado is perfect for enthusiastic outdoor lovers. Hosting a wedding in a rusty but posh Aspen is great in the fall, when colors blend from green and yellow to lakemighty red.  

● Dominican Republic – The natural beauty and numerous wedding options provide a once in a lifetime experience. 

● Jamaica – The place of Zen and relaxation with cocktail parties and perfect scenery might be the place you are looking for. 

● Mexico – Los Cabos is not limited only to celebrities and their vacations, many “soon to be married” couples chose it for the beginning of their story. 


Getting married on a voyage is a unique, exciting, and most of all, fun experience. Take a piece of paper and start writing your ideas. Think about the tips mentioned above and implement them into your wedding plan. It is a fairytale love story and a wedding tale all at once.


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