The Ultimate Honeymoon Experience, Style in The Sky

Launched this year by high-end personal service Styling For You, Style in the Sky is perhaps as luxurious and fun as travel experiences come nowadays & definitely a unique wedding gift for your bride-to-be.  Whisk her away for a romantic weekend to Paris for an either pre or post wedding/pre honeymoon break and forget about shopping for last minute essentials or even packing!  Simply jump on the plane and relax ahead of your trip.  Styling for You will come aboard with a selection of wardrobe choices which you can leisurely shop through mid-flight at your convenience.  The expert team of stylists and tailors will present you and your other half with options that suit your style and chosen occasion. In fact, they could even help you review your wardrobe at home before you fly and then pick new pieces to mix with items you already have. As you will be wardrobe-ready by the time you reach your destination, all you'll have to ensure is spending a relaxing weekend together, enjoying everything that the European capital of romance has to offer.  

This is a very personal experience by Styling for You in partnership with Connect Jets and offers the ultimate in shopping and styling. If you want to surprise your wife-to-be with an exclusive shopping treat, then this would be it!  We recommend booking activities for your mini-break in Paris which would also allow you to enjoy your new wardrobes. Our top Paris tips are:

Dinner at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.  From the views to the exceptional contemporary dishes by Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Anton, this is a super luxurious way to The Ultimate Honeymoon Experience, Style in The Skyexperience Paris. Try the tasting menu with matching wines and you won’t be disappointed.

Take in a little culture.  Paris is home to the recognized Mona Lisa, a trip to the Louvre will leave you in admiration... Dress in laid-back clothing and wear comfortable shoes to enjoy an afternoon surrounded by art.

Take a stroll and perhaps catch a boat down the Seine.  What better way to end the weekend, than to take in the beauty and charm of French streets over a relaxing walk and toast al fresco to your new life together.

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November 15, 2018

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