Want smoother, plumper and younger looking skin for your wedding? Read my recent trial of BeautyColl....

Brides are under so much pressure to look 'perfect' on their wedding days, and it's hard after the months of planning, sleepless nights hoping everything will go smoothly on the day, and then the extra stress of looking perfect can take it's toll.

I recently trialled a product, the Beautycoll 12,000mg Collagen Drink which can be found at www.facethefuture.co.uk/shop,  in the hope that it would give me that 'glowing' look and make my skin look nicer, instead of being dull and tired looking.

This drink increases collagen levels, which in turn makes your skin look smoother, and firmer.

Dermaroller 1 (1)

My first impression was that the product had lovely, clean looking packaging. The powder, which you mix with water to make the drink, was in handy little sachets, so very easy to take into work with you if you are running a bit late and don't have time to drink it in the morning.

BeautyColl is a collagen drink, with raspberry flavouring, which is tasty and refreshing which made it really easy to drink (definitely more tasty than other similar products on the market)

I used this drink for a month and the first couple of weeks I was slightly sceptical I must admit. However, towards

Dermaroller 2

the end of week two, going into week three, I did notice that my skin appeared in better condition, I needed slightly less moisturiser and I generally looked better in my face, and fresher.

I felt my skin was less dull and seemed a bit plumper......which would be great for brides.

I also noticed my hair seemed incredibly soft and didn't take as much conditioner.

I'd recommend using the BeautyColl for at least two months before the wedding to see all the benefits to their full, and I can imagine a lot of people will carry on using it afterwards!

It's reasonably priced at £49.95 for a 28 day course, and there is an offer on at the moment of 'multi-buy discounts available, buy 3 or more BeautyColl 12,000MG Collagen Drink t save an extra 10% off'  (referenced 27/4/16) http://www.facethefuture.co.uk/shop/beautycoll/beautycoll-collagen-drink.html#/beautycoll_course_size-28_day_course All in all I would say a great product to give your skin a plumper, fresher look.

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