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Buying a wedding gift can be a real challenge – research commissioned by Debenhams suggests that newly weds only keep 1 in 3 of all their gifts with one in 5 saying they still had gifts in their boxes five years after getting married! More popular gifts proved to be vouchers and personalised items or presents specified on a wedding list.
Mellow Duck offers a solution with beautiful upholstered pods, unusual yet long lasting and practical gifts.  They can be personalised to meet the newly weds tastes and as they are designed to be multi-tasking, as seats, side tables or footstools, they can be enjoyed throughout a couples lifetime! For example, a Bali cylindrical pod is fabulous by the sofa arm for perching drinks on but also doubles up as a stool when there are extra guests at the dinner table.  With a small footprint, it really pays its way.  If you’re compiling a gift list, make sure your perfect pod is on there!!

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Alternatively guests can give Mellow Duck gift vouchers so that the bride and groom can choose an upholstered pod themselves to fit their needs, tastes and décor. Mellow Duck pods come in 7 different shapes with a range of fabrics to choose from – dappled Saltaire wool, luxurious Grassington “suede”, striped Malham, plaid Sandringham and bright Glastonbury “leather” as well as the option to use their own fabrics.  All the core fabrics are stain resistant and robust while Grassington, Malham and Glastonbury are also suitable for kitchen and bathroom environments.

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We have excellent customer reviews and a 5 star rating on Houzz.  We love hearing how our customers use their pods – the list includes bed ends, bedside tables, footstools, kitchen/patio seating, bathside pods and coffee tables.

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