What goes on at Murder Mystery Party?

What can be a more unique and unusual birthday present than a murder mystery weekend?

Imagine attending a social dinner where a fictional murder occurs. One moment, people are enjoying the food and interactions, the next moment they are caught up in a murder mystery party.

These events have grown in popularity over the years and can provide entertainment and suspense for people of all ages. Guests and attendees all become part of the show as the story unfolds around their dinner table and the premises.

murder mystery

One of the more popular regular mystery shows can be found at Murder Mystery Events. Usually the group travels throughout England, hosting events at hotels or manors such as the Billesley Manor in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

A murder mystery evening/weekend will usually starts with a theme whether it is a 1920s style dinner or a Hollywood gala. Sometimes, guests must get dressed for a specific theme occasion such as a 1920s period mystery or an extravagant black tie dinner party.

The party can be small, with less than 10 guests, or it can be a ballroom filled with people willing to enjoy the events as they unfold.

People then get to mingle and meet each other. On occasion, some of the actors of the mystery also portray some of the guests in such a situation. Other times, the actors arrive later once one of the hosts describes the scene to set up the mystery. Usually this occurs during a lounge scene before guests are then ushered to the dining room where the acting and the drama starts to unfold.

At some point, the “murder” gets discovered and the revelation of clues begin in earnest. Speeches and dramatizations are utilised. Comedy and mystery continue throughout the evening until the murderer finally gets revealed along with the backstoryas to how and why the “murder” took place.

Professional actor Mark Hayden helps run Murder Mystery Events. He has experience in stage performances including performing in Agatha Christie's West End production The Mousetrap. Hayden's goal is to raise the performance and entertainment level at such murder mystery events and his efforts have paid off as Murder Mystery Events continue to get a high number of positive comments from attendees.

Regardless of the expectations or scenario, an overview of a murder mystery evening/weekend wouldn't be complete without some tips on how to enjoy experience.

It's important to get involved with the actors, especially when the actors first come out during the mingling session. Find out about the characters and enjoy their background details which likely be a part of whole overall storyline. Be receptive to them and be willing to ask questions, especially when it comes to trying to figure out “who did it.”Also, don't be afraid to dress up for the occasion, after all the key to enjoying the fun of a murder mystery party is to often get into the spirit of it.


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