Your chance to win Bare Biology's Lion Heart liquid worth £95 to celebrate September Startover

At Bare Biology we recognise the need to invest in your overall wellbeing and enter Autumn on a high note, ready for the year ahead. If you're planning your wedding in the coming year, you'll want to make sure it will be the day you dreamed of in all respects and that you're feeling and looking fabulous. To support you in this effort Bare Biology will be hosting September Startover, with a series of helpful tips & advice on our website and free events when you sign up to the newsletter. 

To celebrate we're giving Vows & Venues readers the chance to win a bride & groom to be set of Omega 3 Lion Heart liquid worth £95.

Enter for your chance to win a wellness and beauty bag essential, which: 

1. Nourishes the skin from within, resulting in plumper complexion. Omega 3 regulates oil production, boosts internal skin hydration and elasticity and helps fight acne and inflammation; leading to smoother, younger-looking skin. Your chance to win Bare Biology's Lion Heart liquid worth £95 to celebrate September Startover

2. Provides protection against sun damage and helps repair cell membrane. High amounts of EPA help prolong the time that it takes for skin to get burnt during sun exposure; a daily dose of Lion Heart contains 3000mg of EPA and DHA – which is the clinical strength.

3. Contributes to thick and glossy locks. Omega 3 keeps the scalp moisturised, the hair follicles nourished and the hair shafts sealed. Lion Heart is full of hydrating fatty acids to help keep hair shinier and healthier.

4. And, if you’re already thinking about babies and your fertility, it’s the perfect preparation for both of you to get your bodies ready for conception and throughout pregnancy.


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