The year of love: 8,000 people in Manchester have gotten engaged in the last year

While many have claimed 2016 to have been an unlucky year, it turns out those of us in Manchester haven’t been unlucky in love, as it’s been reported that 8,000 Mancunians got engaged.

The new research comes from Manchester based jewellery retailer, Diamond Heaven, who used Facebook’s Audience Insight to collect the data.

The data was found from looking at how many people with their location set to Manchester, had changed their relationship status to ‘Engaged’. The data was taken from May 2016 to May 2017.

It looks like we’ve been all loved up here in the North as it found that 7,000 to 8,000 people in Manchester got engaged during this time.

Women made up 53% of people who got engaged, whereas men made up 47%. The ages of those people were also looked at, showing that getting engaged between the ages of 25 to 34 years was most popular.


Age of women who got engaged:

• 18 to 24 years old - 23%

• 25 to 34 years old - 57%

• 35 to 44 years old - 15%

• 45 to 54 years old - 5%


Age of men who got engaged:

• 18 to 24 years old - 15%

• 25 to 34 years old - 61%

• 35 to 44 years old - 18%

• 45 to 54 years old - 6%

Diamond Heaven also reports an increase in engagement sales. The company which opened its Manchester store in The Royal Exchange Arcade on the 10th December 2016 has seen an increase of its engagement ring sales since then.

Nicholas Carter, Head of Retail & Development at Diamond Heaven says: “It’s so lovely to see that romance is still well and truly here.

“Our sales indicated that Manchester has been a hotspot for engagements this year, so we thought we’d do some further research. After the proposal comes the Facebook announcement, so what better way to get an indication of how many people go engaged over the last year.”

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