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Unique wedding favours created from the finest ingredients, available in either slabs of whipping fudge or a choice of 3 formats of Indulgent gourmet butter fudge personalise your weddding with a pick and mix of fudge formats, flavours, toppings, gorgeously presented and labelled in bespoke wraps to match your wedding theme.

• Handmade from all natural ingredients and hand decorated by artisan fudge makers. Or why not truly personalise your favours by commissioning your own,

Fudge flavour in our whipping cream range for the big day?


“There is something i particularly like about fudge …it appeals doubly when it comes from the fudge kitchen; it sells a gourmet riot of handmade different fudgy products .. In all the flavours wonka could have imagined.” Sam muston, the independent say “i do” to fudge kitchen …

Every couple wants their wedding day to be that bit different, that bit more inspired, that bit … let’s face it, better! and your favours are very literally the summary impression that your guests will take away with them.

Trust the uk’s largest and oldest producers of luxury, authentic fudge to get it right, then. From the creamy, gourmet fudge within, handmade and hand decorated in small batches by artisans, using only the finest, natural ingredients; to the infinite, gorgeous packaging options available to perfectly compliment your wedding colours or theme.

“If you’re a fan of fudge, the fudge kitchen has an amazing selection of products.” Gregg wallace, daily mail weekend gourmet butter fudge miniature singles in a choice of 27 flavours bespoke gourmet butter fudge dipped sticks

Pick and mix …fudge wedding favour

With three luxury fudge formats to choose from, a bewildering array of flavours, toppings, packaging options and additional personalizing touches, fudge kitchen will add a truly personal, unique detail to your big day.


25cm x 25cm x 25cm bite sized chunks of butter gourmet fudge from an Impossible choice of 24 flavours:

classic: sea salted caramel, maple & walnut, mocha choca, latte, peanut butter, after dinner mint, vanilla and christmas pudding.

chocolates: dark chocolate & pistachio, dark chocolate & sea salt, white chocolate & raspberry, chocolate fruit and nut, double trouble chocolate, chilli chocolate, chocolate & violet, chocolate and rose, belgian chocolate swirl,

puddings: lemon tart, raspberry pavlova, apple crumble, chocolate brownie, pecan pie, orange torte, sticky toffee pudding, hazelnut praline

wedding favour packingAvailable as individually cellophane wrapped singles, or in trio miniature boxes in black or gold.


  • cellophane (choice of colours / patterns) wrapped singles: £1 each
  • trio miniature boxes in gold or black boxes: £3 each
  • minimum order: 50 pieces for miniature singles / 25 boxes for trio favour boxes
  • lead time: minimum 2 weeks before delivery
  • ribbons and printed, personalised labels available at an additional 10p extra each

butterfudge wedding favoursDipped sticks:

22g sticks of rich, gourmet butter fudge in a choice of sea salted caramel, peanut butter, caramel, rich chocolate, maple and walnut & traditional vanilla.  Each stick is dipped in thick chocolate, from a choice of dark, milk, white, orange or caramel chocolate; Add hand decoration with a choice of chocolate drizzle design, pink hearts, white chocolate flakes, cookie crumble, fruit and nut medley or edible gold balls (for an additional 10p)

Available as individually cellophane twisted singles, in colour or pattern of choice or in coloured wax paper twists or in duos, in the favourite flavours of the happy couple, perhaps.


  • cellophane / wax paper twisted singles: £1 each

  • cellophane twisted duos: £2.25 Each

  • minimum order: 50 pieces
  • lead time: minimum 2 weeks before delivery
  • ribbons and printed, personalised labels available at an additional 10p extra eachminatures fudge wedding favours

Triple gold boxes of mixed:

Fudge miniatures a small selection of the array of personalised packaging options available

Whipping cream slices:

Handmade fresh whipping cream fudge, made in the traditional manner on 5ft marble slabs, using all-natural ingredients to an authentic 1830’s American recipe; and presented in thick, creamy mini slices. Choose from 30 flavours, ranging from strawberries and cream to vintage vanilla to chocolate classic to banoffee bonanza; or why not commission your own bespoke flavour or your own colour (assuming that it can be achieved through natural ingredients).

cream wedding favoursAvailable as individually cellophane wrapped slices, or in double ballotins in silver, white or gold


  • cellophane (choice of colours / patterns) wrapped single slices: £2.50 each
  • double slice ballotins in gold, white or silver: £4.50 each
  • minimum order: 20 pieces
  • lead time: minimum 2 weeks before delivery
  • ribbons and printed, personalised labels available at an additional 10p extra each


30 years of fudge ingenuity

W: www.Fudgekitchen.Co.Uk 

F: www.Facebook.Com/fudgekitchen

 Tw: @fudgekitchen

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