Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

As the wedding season officially kicks off, so does the hunt for unique wedding favour ideas to give to your guests. We’re a long way from the traditional wedding favour of sugared almonds, today, couples are splashing the cash on everything from personalised scented candles to miniature bottles of their favourite tipples. Finding wedding favours that are unique has become a quest in itself, with many a disheartened future bride or groom finding themselves sitting at a wedding faced with their own ‘great idea’ next to their place card. 


So what can you do in order to make your favours stand out from the crowd? The answer is to go custom. 


2018 was the year where couples got savvy with their planning, shunning traditional vendors for alternative methods of sourcing their wedding decor and favours. Companies that used to specialise in corporate merchandise found themselves inundated with requests for ‘corporate banners’ that display seating plans and wedding logos, rather than speaker lists for conferences. The online store that sold jam jars to independent caterers suddenly found themselves supplying jars for homemade limoncello shots and hot chocolate mixes. Yes, couples found ways around paying the extra cash that the ‘W’ word often brings!


Unique wedding favourGo custom for a unique wedding favour


In a recent study of 2019 wedding trends by custom merchandise company Zap Creatives, they found that a massive 61% of couples chose to make their own favours in 2018, many of them calling on the services of Zap Creatives founder Dave Whaites to create custom pin badges, stickers, standees and more. 


“Couples want the personal touch and by creating their own piece of merchandise, they’re able to ensure they’ve got something that no one else has. We've had some amazing designs through our doors, from wedding logos to couples utilising their design talents to create badges or stickers with their faces on them. We’re here to help make sure the final product looks great but the creativity comes from the couples themselves”



Unique wedding favours tie in nicely with the continued boom in couples opting for highly personalised ceremonies. In 2018, 37% of couples opted to make their own wedding cake, highlighting again the need to add more of themselves into a day that can often be swamped by tradition. By choosing vendors that may not specialise in creating wedding products, couples are inspired to use their creativity to see how they can turn something that may not scream ‘wedding’ into a beautiful part of their day. 


So what’s next for wedding favours? Wedding stress balls, maybe a personalised wedding mouse mat or even a classic notebook and pen set. If a couple has the inspiration, we’re betting there’s a vendor ready to make it happen. 


Get your unique wedding favour from Zap Creatives.

March 11, 2019

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