From barre to beach: Confidence boosting honeymoon workouts

Before we know it, Summer will be here and many of us are looking longingly (aka jealously glaring at celebs’ Instagram pictures) at beach scenes while we count down the days a well-deserved holiday or honeymoon!  Nothing sets off stunning swimwear more than some serious body confidence, so Barreworks founder Vicki Anstey has created a series of DIY workouts to help you feel fantastic.

Barreworks is a studio totally dedicated to ballet and barre workouts, designed to benefit your whole body with low impact, high intensity movements that help to lift bottoms, trim thighs and define arms. If you can’t make it to the beautiful studio in Richmond, you can enjoy online classes at

Summer Workouts from Barreworks founder Vicki Anstey:

Barreworks Class 4


This workout will have your glutes looking gorgeous and your confidence soaring: 

Barreworks Class 2

• Assume a kneeling position on your hands and knees

• With power, but control, sweep each leg back until you feel your gluteals contract 

• Hold briefly before lowering your knee back down and repeating

• Start by doing four sets of 30 repetitions

• If you need more of a challenge, alternate between pointed toes and flexed feet for a deeper gluteal contraction


Barreworks Class 3

This simple series of movements will tone and tighten your pectoral muscles for a firmer finish:

• Begin on your hands and knees, walking your hands forward and dropping your hips until your back is flat and straight and your shoulders, hips and knees are in a straight line. Make sure that your hands line up to your bust rather than your shoulders to pinpoint your pectorals

• Hold your tummy muscles tight and keep your back straight and hips down while you lower yourself until your chest nearly touches the floor, then return to your starting position by pushing up

• Aim for four sets of 10 repetitions


Tackling one of the most common worries, this workout will give you upper arms to envy:

Barreworks Class 10

• Set your feet a few inches apart, one in front of the other

• Step the ball of the rear foot onto a resistance theraband to hold it firmly to the floor.

• Use your arms to hold the other end of the theraband above your head. 

• Perform a deep plié by bending your legs but keeping your back upright and straight, while extending your arms upwards above your head

• Aim to complete three sets of 15 repetitions each time you workout


If you opt for a two piece or cut-out when it comes to swimwear, this workout is your new BFF:

• Sit on your bottom with your feet on the floor

• Lower your back from upright to 45 degrees from the floor

• Bring your arms into ballet first position

• Holding your arms in this position, twist side to side from the waist

• Repeat three times in repetitions of 20, returning to upright back between each set of repetitions

• When you feel more confident, try lifting your feet off the floor during this workout, squeezing your inner thighs together to enhance the workout for your oblique stomach muscles


Work your inner thighs and quads with this workout and your legs will wow just as much in flats as in heels:

Barreworks Class 11

• Lean against a wall and press your back firmly against it, engaging your abdominals.

• Lower yourself so that your thighs are at a right angle to the wall, keeping your back in full contact with it

• Squeeze your knees together  and hold for one minute

• Repeat this three times, coming up to standing position between sets



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