The top 5 wedding gift trends for 2018

Buying a wedding gift for your bridal party is never on top of the wedding planning list, but now that we’re in February, we think it’s time to get shopping!

Wedding gifting can be a bit of a minefield. With a high street full of uninspiring novelty products, it can be difficult to find something meaningful and personal for the people who have helped create your big day. If you’re stuck for gifting inspiration, the new movement is to tap into wedding gifting experts to create bespoke wedding gifts for each member of the wedding party.

Wedding gift tips Hanson and HopewellWe’ve teamed up with Hanson & Hopewell, who are thankfully changing the wedding gifting landscape with their luxury label. Founded in December 2016 with the goal to make gifting stylish and personal, as well as tell a unique story, the talented duo create unique keepsakes and uncover hidden gems from the best independent makers in the UK to create that ‘wow’ gifting moment.

We spoke to Katrina to find out the top 5 wedding gift trends for 2018.


The Experiential Gift List

It’s very traditional to create a gift list with the big retail giants but sometimes these can feel impersonal and more like a checklist of nice to haves rather than a lust list of meaningful gifts. Times have changed where couples live together before their big day, so the need for big branded consumer goods, aren’t as essential as they once were. There is a big trend to request financial donations, but this is quite hard for guests to navigate the right contribution for them and their budget. An inclusive way of doing this, especially for a honeymoon, is to create personalised experiences that you’d like to do whilst you’re away, for example, a wine tour, a spa day or even ‘Breakfast in bed.’ This both helps cater for your wedding guest as well as help you say thank you for the experience, potentially with a photo too.


Bridesmaid boxCelebrating your Bride Tribe

Choosing a way to ask your favourite girls to help get you down the aisle is no small task and there’s a growing trend to acknowledge your favourite friendships and show how important it is to the bride to have her best friends around her on her big day. Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes are a fantastic way to propose to your bridesmaids and are full of perfect things to help with all the wedding planning, a lovely keepsake and for her to look gorgeous on the wedding day too. We’ll actually be launching ours in Spring 2018, so watch this space!



Freddies flowersSubscription wedding gifts are quickly taking over the gift-giving market. Whilst it’s very traditional to give the mothers of the bride and groom flowers on the wedding day to say thank you, have you ever thought about giving a flower subscription as a gift that keeps on giving? We love Freddie’s Flowers whose bunches help you become the ultimate florist, last forever and are incredibly beautiful too.


Gift personalisation

Personalised wedding gifts have been a trend for while and it’s definitely not going anywhere. From named jewellery, favourite song records and wedding venue prints, you can make sure your favourite guests, from the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, flower girls and even the groom himself has something that’s a perfect fit for them.


Wedmin n chillDon’t forget yourself 

When you’re in the midst of wedding planning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the detail. One of our favourite gift boxes is our signature ‘Wedmin ‘n’ Chill’ pamper box, perfect for the bride that feels like Wedmin is simply taking over her life! This gift box is full of luxury award winning organic beauty products handpicked from the best independent British makers featured in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle magazine, including a luxury bath oil filled with rose petals and a gorgeous satin and velvet printed eye-mask. It’s the perfect bridal gift box to treat the bride in the run up to the wedding day.


If you’d like to have a conversation about creating bespoke luxury gifts for your wedding party, get in touch with Hanson and Hopewell by calling 07838255420 or via email at

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