How to beat wedding planning stress

Sitting up until the small hours working on the table plan, sticking 200 little pink bows to your order of service on a Sunday afternoon and wrangling with caterers before you’ve even made it into the office. Feeling stressed yet? The fact is that even wonderful and positive life events like getting married can cause stress. But stress doesn’t have to be bad. It’s our body’s natural way of readying us for the challenge ahead (that’s planning a wedding by the way not marriage!). If you let stress slide too far it can become chronic. Here are some ideas for beating wedding stress.

Make stress work

wedding stressWe’ve already established that some stress around your wedding is fine and normal. What we need to work on is your reaction to it. Say, you get an email from the venue and they have booked your wedding on the wrong day. Physically, you can feel your heart rate increasing, your blood pressure rising and the release of the stress hormone cortisol into your system. That’s your body readying you for going into battle- with the wedding venue that messed up your booking! At these times, take 5 minutes to think about what you want to achieve before picking up that phone and use that cortisol in the right way, to get things ironed out rather than the wrong way, sabotaging the relationship with the venue entirely.

Take time for you

We get it, you’re planning for the wedding that you dreamt of since you were little. You have a million things left to do and not enough time to do it in. Do you push aside that little voice that keeps telling you that you’re feeling stressed, and tell yourself that you’ll go for a run or do some painting when you’ve got more time? The reality is, of course, that it’s when you have the least time that you need to take time for yourself the most.

Find your de-stressor

Weddings are what we stress experts call ‘stressors’ because they are events that are likely to trigger stress. Once you know you have a stressor in your life, you can take steps to find the perfect antidote to it. Some people find meditation works for them, others try positive affirmations, reading something purely indulgent or chilling listening to some great music. Everyone has their own natural de-stressor and once you’ve found yours you have your perfect antidote to stress.

Understand your fears

A big reason for stress can be fear. Getting married can herald huge life change and this in itself can be hugely scary and stressful. Then there are fears around self-confidence, it’s not often that we are so completely the centre of attention and this can actually be quite unusual, even quite unwelcome for some people. Try to unravel what you are feeling fearful of and take steps to combat the fears such as with image coaching to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. This can help you to approach not only your wedding day but life changes and life itself with greater positivity.

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October 13, 2017

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