How to pick the ultimate thank you gifts for your wedding party…

It is customary for the bride and groom to buy thank you gifts for the wedding party. Traditionally, the groom would buy his new bride a gift and his new wife would buy a gift for him.  It is also common that they would both buy gifts for her bridesmaids.  A small step away from tradition, although we see it happening more and more often, is offering the mother of the bride and groom’s mother a gift as well.

It is difficult to decide what to get for those you love or which items to best spend your budget on. My top tips would be to buy the Mother of The Bride and Groom’s Mother a beautiful bunch of flowers – they tend to be gratefully received and for ease you can organise them through a florist.  Choose colours that are not the same as the wedding flowers and try and find out their favourite ones beforehand.


For the bridesmaids, the gift is normally something for them to remember the day by and a ‘thank you’ gesture on your part.  You don’t have to overspend for a nice gift.  I would recommend you considered buying them bracelets - I love the ones from Not on the High Street - scented candles or small body lotion sets (the ones from MoltonBrown are a great option); if budget is tight, you can have a go at making them something, for instance personalising a notebook is a wonderful touch. 

It is trickier when it comes to your new Bride.  You might have already agreed not to buy each other gifts or you might know what she wants prior to the big day.  However, if you don’t then don’t panic, as there are lots of options! At The Travelwrap Company we have just launched a new range of vintage pastel wraps, which are

Niamh Barker

designed and made in the UK.  To create a unique and personalized touch, you can have her initials and date of the wedding beautifully embroidered on the cashmere wraps. A Travelwrap is the ideal honeymoon accessory and can be worn effortlessly after the wedding to complement any outfit.  You can browse Not on the High Street for its vast array of wedding gifts or head to Selfridges as they also have personalised bespoke presents available.  My top tip, boys, is ask a bridesmaid! founder Niamh Barker 

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