Look and feel like a princess on your big day


Look and feel like a princess on your big day - Mastercut Diamond are offering brides the chance to shine in the one-of-a-kind diamond tiara, worth £30,000! The tiara is available for all customers, who buy a Mastercut Diamond engagement ring over the price of £2,300. Sparkling with over 400 individually set diamonds of over 5 carats, the Mastercut tiara is the perfect wow-factor accessory to pair with a stunning white gown and turn the heads of all your wedding guests.

Better still, each Mastercut diamond is like no other having been cut with 89 facets, which is 32 more than a traditional round brilliant diamond. It is also cut with a unique star pattern that can be seen in the stone, which gives it phenomenal brilliance and beauty and maximum sparkle!

mastercut diamond tiara available for loan when a bride buys a mastercut engagement ring

Every Mastercut diamond has a very special symmetrical cut that has been developed to bring out the maximum sparkle in the stone. It has been developed by one of the world’s leading diamond-cutting experts, Jean Paul Tolkowsky. Each stone is a perfect combination of this rich Tolkowsky heritage, stemming from a family who have cut diamonds for generations, along with benefitting from the very latest technological advances that can give Mastercut diamonds maximum sparkle.

Take advantage of this special offer for the perfect ‘something borrowed’ on your wedding day.

Designed to be cherished for life, Mastercut Diamond collections also include matching pendants, drop earrings, studs and a selection of stunning engagement rings and wed bands, with a variety of styles to suit any woman’s style.

Mastercut Diamond jewellery is only available from quality independent jewellers who are members of The Company of Master Jewellers, including Emson Haig and TH Baker stores. To find out more about how you can wear this very special tiara on your wedding day, speak to your Mastercut jeweller. To find your nearest Mastercut stockist, visit mastercutdiamond.co.uk



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