HECK makes majestic sausage ready for the Royal Wedding

With the nation gearing up for the royal wedding celebrations in May and street parties and BBQs being planned up and down the country, Yorkshire sausage maker HECK has created a majestic recipe to mark the occasion and the couple’s transatlantic union.

As a nod to Meghan’s American background and Harry’s fiery red locks, the Keebles behind HECK have married lean British pork shoulder with American mustard and sweet ginger in the limited edition recipe that will go on sale between 2 and 22 May, all wrapped up in a suitably regal sausage sleeve embellished with a crown and entwined wedding rings.

HECK majestic sausagePop them on the BBQ, serve them up at street parties or create your own perfect wedding breakfast on the big day, complete with a slice of ‘toast’ to the happy couple.  The HECK celebration sausages will be sold at Sainsbury’s and on the company’s own website, £2 per 400g pack.

There’s no word yet if the sausages are on the menu at the royal reception itself, although HECK has offered its popular hot van to visit Windsor Castle and cook up sausage sandwiches for guests who might get the munchies as they party into the night.  The company has also gone through the official channels of applying to Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council to ask for a licence to bring its hot van to the streets of Windsor on the day to hand out special edition Majestic sausage sandwiches to waiting well-wishers wanting to get a glimpse of the royal wedding party as they arrive.

Jamie Keeble, HECK co-founder, commented: “We’re always thinking of different ingredient combinations for our sausages and burgers, so when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their wedding date we thought, what the heck, let’s have a go at a majestic sausage that celebrates their union and reflects their American and British backgrounds.

“The mustard and ginger work well with the pork and they’re perfect for firing up the BBQ and getting your friends and family round, or indeed for having on the menu at your own wedding breakfast if your special day is on or around 19thMay.”

You can find more inforamtion about HECK sausages and order the new majestic sausage here.

April 19, 2018

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