The secrets to long and happy marriage

A new survey by family law firm Brookman Solicitors of over 1,000 married individuals has revealed some wise words on how to go the distance for the soon to be wedded couple, and the secrets to a long and happy marriage.


The survey, conducted in April 2018 asked 1006 married individuals about their experiences within their marriages to date, common problems faced and what advice they would provide to newlyweds hoping to maintain their vows for a lifetime. Of those surveyed, 76% had been married for over 20 years, so there were plenty of anecdotes and words of wisdom to share!


Great advice, the key to a happy marriage


happy marriage1) It WILL be tough!


It’s far to say that no marriage is plain sailing and there WILL be challenges along the way, but this isn’t necessarily a sign that your marriage is in trouble! An overwhelming 85% of respondents felt that people gave up on marriage too easily these days, with 74% of those surveyed admitting that they faced significant troubled points or difficulties during their marriage.


The top 5 difficulties faced included:

Financial pressures (20%)

Illness (13%)

Poor Communication (9%)

Disagreements over raising children (9%)

Time apart caused by work (7%)


2) Communicate and Compromise!


For every problem, there is a solution, and when asked how they overcame these difficulties, the top 5 answers for a happy marriage were:

Communication (26%)

Compromise (24%)

Not reacting (17%)

Counselling (9%)

Improving their work situation (7%)

Happy couple3) External Pressures


With many high profile divorces and marriage breakups played out extensively in the public eye, 55% of respondents agreed that the media has glamourised divorce in recent years. 75% of those surveyed also felt that the advancement of technology and social media was having a negative effect on relationships.


4) 10 Steps to Married Bliss!


When asked what advice they would give to newlyweds like Harry and Meghan regarding making their marriage last the distance, the respondents had these wise words of wisdom!

Communicate (14%)

Respect (9%)

Compromise (9%)

Honesty (8%)

Don’t sweat the small stuff (8%)

Make time for each other (8%)

Patience (8%)

Don’t ignore problems (7%),

Listen (7%)

Work at it (7%)


“A breakdown in communication is one of the most common issues we hear from clients who are making an application for a divorce,” explains Henry Brookman from Brookman Solicitors. “As can be clearly seen in the results from our survey, this can happen for varying reasons and can lead to a spiralling effect, which without intervention could cause the relationship to break down completely. The overwhelming advice given by the couples we surveyed was simply to just keep talking and to tackle problems as and when they occur, so that you can move on and have a long and happy marriage," 

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May 21, 2018

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