Summer Wedding Trend – Serve your drinks in style


Traditional summer weddings have dramatically changed over the past few years, with the Bride & Groom looking for that little something that will make their big day stand out. Instead of choosing a drink for each part of the event, such as wine with dinner, champagne with the toast, and cocktails at the after party, wedding drinks have become more focussed on the personality of the happy couple.

Summer drinks of the moment include sparkling champagne mimosas, sweet mojitos and ice cold beer. For something non-alcoholic what about sparkling lemonades and fruity mock-tails… how does watermelon sound?


wedding drinks station

Choose your tipple

The latest trend is to offer a plethora of drinks for guests to choose from, from cool alcoholic beverages to mock-tail punchbowls. This is where drinks stations come in. Whilst the Bride and Groom still choose their favourite drinks, there’s more on offer which provides a personalised experience that’s enjoyable to all who attend.

Here are some great ideas below:

Hydration station

Guests can shimmy up to the station, choose a drink they like the look of and pour themselves a glass. Not only is this an innovative way of drink serving, but it also looks fabulous when the colourful drinks are displayed across the table or bar in glass dispensers. It provides a talking point for families and creates a highly decadent and light-hearted atmosphere.

wedding drinks punch bowl

Beer Bar 

Have a selection of popular beers on offer, and let the guests pour their own beer. In recent years beers has become more of a classy drink, but if your guests don’t tend to drink beer you could always replace this with cider. A refreshing choice for a summer wedding, whilst still keeping it interactive.

wedding beer bar

Cocktail bar with a twist

Let’s face it; you can’t beat a good cocktail bar. There’s just something about watching charismatic bartenders fine tune a swishy drink that draws you in. But what if a bartender could take your favourite flavours and whisk you up your dream cocktail? That’s exactly what The 43 Club in London specialise in. Taking inspiration from the roaring 20’s, these innovative chaps and chap-ettes look to tantalize your taste buds in unusual and magnificent ways.

Want more? How about having your wedding drinks served from a Land Rover Defender? The 43 Club took this iconic British car and whipped it into shape, providing frankly the coolest looking mobile cocktail bar we’ve ever seen. With lights, a fully stocked bar and some amiable bartenders, it’s a fantastic drinks experience wrapped up with a sparkling bow.

the 43 club mobile bar


For more information contact The 43 Clubs website

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