Vows and Venues gives its verdict on new Cheshire wedding venue The Courthouse, Knutsford

The Courthouse wedding venue in Knusford, Cheshire - restaurant

All rise for the Courthouse – a converted public building in Knutsford which is as unique as it is charming. Our editor Victoria Galligan stayed at the wedding venue and did not feel “guilty” about indulging in a four-course feast…

It’s hard to believe when sitting in the restaurant at The Courthouse that as recently as 2010, the judge was banging the gavel and the defendants were being grilled in the dock. The court lay empty until Flat Cap Hotels restored it and it was relaunched as a venue in summer 2017. Thanks to a sensitively planned refurb, the original fixtures and fittings you’d expect to see in a courtroom are still there and give you the feeling you’re right in the middle of a courtroom drama.

How to plan a non-traditional wedding for brides who hate weddings

From the designer dress right down to their something blue, many brides will have their perfect wedding planned before they have even met their future husband. However more and more women are becoming increasingly agitated at the thought of a fairy-tale wedding and now is a better time than ever to get planning an out of the ordinary day which will give your guests something to talk about. 

Transforming a barn into a warm and romantic venue Marshall Meadows night terrace credit pictorial photography


Are you looking to get married in a location that can be made to look and feel just how you want it to?

Barns are perfect as they are often a blank canvas, giving you the scope to have your wedding styled exactly how you always imagined, however their size alone can be daunting.  Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted gives us her recipe for transforming a barn from blank and chilly to warm and romantic. Marshall Meadows night terrace credit pictorial photography

End of the White Wedding: Only 1 in 5 couples say I do to tradition

End of the White Wedding: Only 1 in 5 couples say I do to tradition

A study conducted by an online voucher code website has found that 44% of couples do not want to have a traditional ‘white wedding*’ with just 20% wanting one.

In addition only one in three people in England and Wales have a religious ceremony**. So we ask; are we seeing the end of traditional weddings?

Are we seeing an end to the traditional White Wedding in the UK? According to research, just 1 in 5 couples want to have a formal wedding, something that is traditional. In addition 30% of couples would rather get married in a hotel compared to just 9% who would opt for a church service.

Do you need top quality music for your big day?

Blue Lion Band with dancers


The Radio Kings are a premium 3-14 piece band specialising in good-time music! We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of musical styles, and can cover everything from the ceremony, to cocktails, canapés, and the best live party music to start your married life on a high.

As professional musicians, we’ve worked alongside the likes of George Michael, Gotye, The Shires, and in a number of popular stage and touring shows. Our experience ensures the calibre of music that keeps everyone on their feet. Before making any decisions, you can come and see the band live on stage at a regular showcase event - no hiding behind re-takes and overdubs!

Essential wedding trends for 2017

Essential wedding trends for 2017 image of bouqet

2017 might sound like a long way away but the months are flying by and if you’re getting married next year now is a good time to start looking at emerging trends to ensure you’re on top of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of wedding fashion. 

Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2017 has been and gone and it’s left us with many inspiring, sophisticated and simply stunning ideas about next year’s bridal fashion trends. If 2017 is the year your big day is taking place, take a look at the following to wedding trend being dubbed as hot for next year.

Hilton Worldwide’s hottest honeymoons offers for 2016

With wedding season fast approaching, many happy couples will be thinking about booking their dream honeymoon and jetting off to unwind after their big day. However, with so many destinations around the world to choose from, and so much ‘wedmin’ to do at the same time, it can be difficult for couples to decide on the destination for that once in a life time trip that won’t be forgotten.

As inspiration for newlyweds to-be, Hilton Worldwide has pulled together its top suggestions for honeymooners looking for a truly unique trip to celebrate the start of married life:

For your ‘culturemoon’ -  Amsterdam

Blue Lion Band - Music for Your Feet!

Blue Lion Band and dancers


Are you looking for the perfect soundtrack to celebrate your big day?

The Blue Lions are a premium 3-14 piece band playing music for your feet! Specialising in high-energy music yet versatile enough to cover a broad range of styles; everything from the ceremony, to cocktails, canapés, and the best live party music to start your married life on a high.

As professional musicians, we’ve worked alongside the likes of Ellie Goulding, Mark Knopfler, Peter Andre, and in a number of West End and touring shows. Our experience ensures the quality of music that keeps everyone on their feet.


Top 10: Honeymoon sweet spots

4 Terre Blanche, Top 10: Honeymoon sweet spots

Soon-to-be-weds take note: The Ultimate Travel Company teamed up with Condé Nast Traveller honeymoon expert and editor of website, Jane Anderson, offers her Top 10 destinations for starting married life in style.

South of France 

Best time to go: Summer

With average temperatures hitting around 24°C, Honeymooners should take advantage of the hot weather and scenery so close by. You can get flights from most major UK airports and won’t waste valuable honeymoon time on long haul flights.

Timing the knot

Martyn and Amy Kingston on their wedding day at Nottingham city centre wedding venue, St James Hotel


TIME is certainly of the essence for newly-engaged Nottingham couples as popular Nottingham city centre wedding venue, the St James Hotel, sees a huge increase in bookings this year.

Wedding venues are notorious for being booked up a year or more in advance - but the St James Hotel is seeing a significant increase in the number of couples not wanting to wait a long time for their big day.

The Millennial Generation and Marriage

how millennials atitude to marriage is reducing divorce rates

The millennial generation is the generation that is roughly defined as those who were born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. They are a generation who are getting married older and living together before marriage, completely different to the ‘baby boomer’ generation, those who were born between the mid-1940s and the mid-1960s.

In fact, those millennials who married in the 2000s are divorcing at even lower rates and if this trend keeps up, it is very possible that almost two-thirds of those marriages will be long term and not end up in divorce.

9 Most Unique Places to Get Married

Under the sea wedding just one of 9 Most Unique Places to Get Married

Leading Stag and Hen Party organisers Chillisauce reveal the world’s most unique wedding destinations for 2016...

Under The Sea: It is now possible to get married under the sea and several couples in Thailand  are expected to tie the knot in an annual ceremony which sees divers enjoying a parade through the streets of Trang and engaging in traditional Thai celebrations on the beach before literally taking the plunge to complete the wedding formalities underwater.

Some Most Unusual Wedding Venues to Get Married At

If you and your partner like to stray from the 'norm', getting married or having a reception in an unusual wedding venue might just be for you. Not only can unusual wedding venues be cheaper to rent than most halls or hotels, they will give a flair to your day that many will remember for a lifetime. You can easily match your theme or personal tastes to an unusual venue.

Some research may be required to find something that will truly fit your ideas, but seeing your guests faces is more than worth it. Here are some ideas and suggestions for unusual wedding venues that can be found all over the world.

The Outdoorsy or Nature Type: Try a Glamping Style Reception