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What's the hottest hue when it comes to wedding style this year?

Wedding style - coral coloured roses

Spiced Honey and Living Coral – both have been dubbed the hottest hue of 2019 by design experts, but which colour will win in the wedding style stakes? 

One is ‘sweet and spicy’, the other is ‘animated and life-affirming’ and according to experts in the subject of trends forecasting they’re the colours we’ll all be wearing, adorning our homes with and incorporating into weddings this year.  

Emma Major from Yorkshire’s Kenwood Hall Hotel & Spa debates whether Dulux or Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ is the winning shade…

Hold your own royal wedding at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace wedding showcase – a wedding dress is modelled

The State Apartments at Kensington Palace were recently licensed to host civil ceremonies for the very first time. To mark the occasion, a showcase was held which proved that you really can hold your own royal wedding!

Decorated with floral plinths by Hayford & Rhodes, guests took in their surroundings whilst enjoying drinks and canapes served by Blue Strawberry, including prosciutto cannelloni with crispy ham, mushroom and truffle & pea mousse and roasted pumpkin & mandarin ice-cream lollipop.

Quick fix beauty products perfect for when wedding planning

Woman performing beauty regime

Is Wedding planning taking up all of your time? Are you constantly on the rush between work, home life and wedding commitments? 

The stress and time consumption of planning a wedding isn’t always easy – especially as we want to to be getting our beauty regime ready for the big day ?

Look no further than these quick fix beauty products to help you get ready in record time. Now we can cut your beauty regime in half whilst still getting maximum benefits so you can get back to planning your big day.


Making the most of your wedding setting

Making the most of your wedding setting

The setting for your weddings is arguably one of the most important elements of the big day. As well as being immortalised in wedding photography, a stunning backdrop will set the mood and provide context to the story of your special day. 

Whether you’re opting for country opulence, urban chic or a mixture of both, it’s important that the backdrop reflects the story your telling while accentuating key elements and representing you as a couple. So how do you inject your own style into proceedings and what can you do to make the most of that all important wedding venue?

Chose a statement backdrop

The Age Of The Groomzilla

The Age Of The Groomzilla

The stereotype has long played that the soon-to-be bride will build out an intense beauty, hair and fitness regime in the build-up to their wedding day, however it seems men are now getting in on the act. 

Beauty brand Procoal surveyed 1047 married men, to ask them about their pre-wedding arrangements, with some surprising results. To start with, 84% stated they personally plucked their eyebrows before getting married. A further 36% admitted to visiting a spa or salon in the month before their wedding day.

Top Ten Tips to De-stress Your Wedding

Couple De-stress For Their Wedding

Nobody wants to be a bridezilla, or a groomzilla, yet so often, the mammoth task of organising the perfect wedding day can get the better of even the most cool-headed couple. 

Perhaps it’s the event being called ‘the big day’, the knowledge that all eyes will be on you, or the idea of your in-laws dissecting each aspect of your hospitality that makes you want to hide under the duvet/elope/eat a tub of ice cream (delete as appropriate!). 

The tips below, compiled by wedding venue Newbury Racecourse, will help de-stress in the run up to the big day, making the countdown till you cut the cake, a piece of cake!


Bride to Be Box - ideal gift for the fiancée who's planning the perfect day

Example of a Bride to Be Box - inside

Fancy an impressive gift which will be useful for the planning of your wedding? Rhys Jelley, co-founder at Bride to be Box, explains why you should think outside the box…

Tell us about yourselves…

My wife Harriet and I met at university in 2007, where Harriet was studying for a degree in media and public relations and I was studying for a degree in international business management. After we graduated in 2011 we moved to Guernsey, where Harriet grew up. Harriet now works as an account director for a leading PR agency and I head up the partnerships and retail team for a large vitamin and supplement brand.

Why did you decide to start up the Bride to Be Box venture? 

Top Wedding Catering Tips

Top Wedding Catering Tips

The days of mini sausage rolls and quiche buffets is long gone.  Modern couples look for a more innovative and interesting approach to the wedding breakfast. Its not all contemporary though. Brides and grooms still want to cater for all tastes and age groups, so wedding catering is a balance of what will be traditionally popular, on-trend and fun!

Picking the perfect wedding entertainment

Picking the perfect wedding entertainment

When it comes to your big day, there are certain elements that guests will come out remembering; the dress and the food are a given, but what about the entertainment? There’s nothing more disappointing than a dull reception and with most weddings lasting the entirety of the day and night, it’s important to keep guests entertained.

Weddings are usually a muddle of many different groups of friends and family, so it’s important to offer something that suits all tastes. To help make things easier for you, we’ve put together a rundown of some of our favourite ways to spice up your entertainment offering on your big day.


Revealed: The age-old tradition that means you’ll pay 113% more if you have a daughter

Revealed: The age-old tradition that means you’ll pay 113% more if you have a daughter

A bride's parents will still pay the most for their daughter’s wedding, forking out up to 113% more than the parents of the groom, according to new research by short term loan provider Wonga.

The poll of 1,000 adults that included parents of the bride, parents of the groom, best men, maids of honour, bridesmaids, ushers and wedding guests, looked at who pays the most money to be part of the big day.

The tradition of the bride’s parents paying for the entirety of the wedding may be a thing of the past, but the research did reveal significant differences in costs still exist between the in-laws.

Embrace the beautiful game into your big day this weekend!

Embrace the beautiful game into your big day this weekend!

If you’re getting married this Saturday and you know at least half of your wedding party will be edging away from the dance floor and into a corner to watch the England game, don’t despair – embrace it!

That’s the advice from Michelle Jacobs, wedding planner from

“Having been planning weddings for more than five years I’ve come across sporting events like this on more than one occasion, and whilst at the time it seems like a bride’s worst nightmare, you can actually turn it to your advantage and have fun with it,” comments Michelle.

Michelle’s top tips:

My trend predictions for an Autumn wedding

My trend predictions for an Autumn wedding

With us now in the peak of wedding season, Autumn might seem and long way away, but it will soon creep up on us. That’s why we  have asked our guest blogger Natalie Lovett to give us her trend predictions for an Autumn wedding, so you don’t get caught out.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times to get married – so many lovely colours, and there’s still some warmth in the air too!

Here’s my predictions for what’s in store for the Autumnal wedding:

Tones and Textures 

A lovely rich set of colours looks fabulous against an autumnal backdrop – I predict that many may even add jewel-like tones to their colour palette.  Think rich plums and burgundy against complementary lush greens and pastels to add a softness.

Discover Your Perfect Honeymoon Package

Discover Your Perfect Honeymoon Package

With summer wedding season heating up, many couples set to tie the knot are thinking about that all-important question – where to spend their first romantic trip as newlyweds. And with honeymoons being the second biggest pay-out 0f the wedding, costing an average of £3,630 (, it’s no surprise that couples are turning to their nearest and dearest to ask for a contribution to help towards their dream getaway.

Foodie Weddings

Foodie Weddings

Gone are the days where the newlyweds never get to taste the food that they spent the last six months planning! As the food offering works it way up the list of a wedding’s most important elements, we explore the rise of the foodie wedding and how you can add your own tasty twists to your big day.

It’s safe to say that the foodie revolution has truly engrained itself in every aspect of modern life and weddings are no exception. With wedding cakes made with layers of brie and camembert and brides parading down the aisle with edible bouquets, now is the time to welcome in a new age where the cuisine takes centrestage.