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The rise of digital weddings and technologically-savvy wedding planners

The rise of digital weddings and technologically-savvy wedding planners

As technology advances at prolific rates, industries and events once steeped in tradition are adapting to embrace the digital landscape. And none more so than weddings. Digitally-savvy couples everywhere are reaping the time-saving, eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits of organising and hosting a wedding that implements digital elements. Venus Bridal explores the rise of digital weddings and how couples are weaving technology into their big day.


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#WeddingWednesday Blog : Wedding Fairs

We are onto our fourth instalment of Paula's wedding story (if you're new to this series you can read 'The Proposal', 'Family Involvement' and 'The Venue' before you start if you like) and this week she is telling us all about her experience of wedding fairs.


Wedding Fairs

Last weekend I went to my first two wedding fairs. I imagined this was going to be one of the more exciting parts of wedding planning - a chance to see it all laid out and envisage how my day make look like.

Planning Your Non-Traditional Wedding

Some people dream about a classic, traditional wedding: a church service, a white dress, a reception in the banquet suite of an expensive hotel, and a school disco atmosphere with one or two too many drinks. Others, however, are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, and wish to plan a wedding that will stick in the mind of attendees for its originality. If you see yourself as one of these latter types — very creative, very independent — then here are a few tips and ideas that you may find useful when planning your special day.