Aesthetic trends that will dominate the bridal world in 2018

Award winning Aesthetic Practitioner Dr Rekha Tailor, of Health & Aesthetics, takes a look at the Aesthetic trends that will dominate the bridal world in 2018. She comments “The popularity of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures has continued to experience steady and continual growth during 2017. This is set to continue throughout 2018 as procedures that appeal to a broader patient audience of both sexes, demographic groups and that treat a more diverse spectrum of body areas continue to make an appearance on the market.

Aesthetic trends 2018There has been a noticeable surge in demand for aesthetic treatments over recent months that give non-invasive, but incredibly effective options to offer wedding parties the natural and flawless results that they crave. We expect interest in this type of treatment will continue to grow during 2018, and as well as revolutionary new treatments entering the market, we also anticipate that existing ‘game-changing’ treatments such as the Femilift will maintain popularity as the year progresses.”

In particular, Dr Tailor predicts the following advancements in the industry throughout 2018:

Aesthetic trends that will dominate the bridal world in 2018

Male orientated treatments - there has been a huge rise in demand for aesthetic procedures that appear to the male patient over the last few years and this is definitely a trend that doesn’t look like it will be slowing any time soon. Not surprisingly, today’s man is interested in looking better, more fit and yes, younger and whether dealing with job market pressure, dating competition or just an overall concern about physical appearance, men are breaking the bonds of a previous generation and pursuing aesthetic treatments in increasing numbers. Perfect for grooms wishing to look their best on the big day.


Body Contouring - with a huge appeal to both male and female clients getting ready for their special day, body contouring to smooth and shape the silhouette will continue to be big business as individuals look for ways in which to enhance their natural shape and tone up after diet and fitness controlled weight loss. For brides and grooming hoping to shed pounds before the wedding, I would suggest Coolsculpting fat freezing.


The Non-surgical Facelift – with many clients using injections as they provide natural looking results without changing the faces drastically, facial sculpting by injections is now looking to become a key trend in aesthetics for 2018. Non-surgical Facelifts offer a combination of both anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to enhance facial features. Whilst, still providing fantastic results injections are more affordable than surgery and are less drastic this continually makes them very popular, especially for those searching for a subtle change.


Treatments for sun damage and Pigmentation – With more awareness surrounding sun damage and pigmented skin, people are becoming more conscious of the effects that sun damage has had to their appearance over a period of years. This is especially true as newlyweds look forward to our honeymoon. This has led to a significant rise in treatments that help to rejuvenate the skin and leave you looking fresher faced. With digital skin analysis on offer such as the Visia Skin Analysis, it is also easier to see the extent of damage on your skin that may not be obvious. Through 2018, treatment for sun damage and pigmentation will become very popular as the desire for healthy skin grows. We offer this free to any patient who comes in for a consultation on any treatment at the clinic.


HD Beauty – The impact of social media on self esteem has never been more prominent with more people posting selfies on Instagram than ever before, leading to the need for a camera-ready complexion at all times. There has been a significant move towards treatments like the ClearLift which provide amazing anti-ageing results without dramatic changes in your appearance and we predict that in 2018 there is likely to be a further rise in aesthetics treatments that will offer this type of effect.


Combination Treatments – In 2018, there is very likely to be an increase in the number of individuals who will opt for treatment plans opposed to one-off treatments or annual procedures. This is due to surge of both men and women, who want to stay looking younger and healthier for longer. This trend will see a rise in different treatments for different times of years as well with people opting for different procedures to suit their skin throughout seasonal changes.






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