Will Pinterest help or hinder your wedding plans?

Our next blog is in from Natalie Lovett of Love to Plan. This time she's telling us all about Pinterest and how it can both help and hinder your wedding plans.

Pinterest is an amazing tool for getting ideas, finding what you love and coming across ideas to enhance your wedding colour scheme / theme, but I personally have a love : hate relationship with it as sadly a lot of what you see is either not available in the UK, is a styled shoot and has been put together as a one-off, or if it’s flowers, sometimes they’re simply not available at the time of year that your wedding takes place...very disappointing!

Pinterest wedding planningDon’t be put off though, Pinterest is a fabulous resource, just ensure that you work with it in a savvy way.

Use the boards

Pick out what you love and, if you haven’t already, create a wedding board – and I urge you to create just one rather than several – creating one means that you can see how all elements of your wedding can come together and it will ensure that you have synergy in the final styling.

Share with your suppliers

Most supplier have a love : hate relationship with Pinterest too, however it’s so useful for them to see your vision and understand how you wish your wedding to look and feel - just make sure you reassure them by saying that you are using the board as inspiration only and not demanding a carbon copy of your ‘Pins’. 

Add your own ideas too

Your wedding is unique to you and your partner, so whilst Pinterest is a brilliant starting point, it’s showing things that have been done before.  Your wedding is one of the most personal days that exists, so make it personal to you both and add your own ideas in amongst the Pinterest inspiration – make your day unique to you!

For more great information take a look over to Love to Plan.


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