The biggest bridal wear trends for spring 2016

biggest bridal wear trends for spring 2016 by Venus Bridal

You’re getting married in the spring of 2016, congratulations!

You’ve booked the venue, the guests have been invited, and the caterers are in place. Now you’re left with the exciting task of choosing what you are going to wear for one of the biggest days of your life. To ensure you know what is hip and happening in the world of bridal wear in spring 2016, take a look at the following biggest wedding fashion trends for the forthcoming year.

Let there be lace

Lace is never too far away in bridal fashion and spring 2016 is no exception. In fact lace will be such a prominent feature of bridal wear next year that one layer won’t be enough, as the most fashion-conscious of brides will don several layers of beautiful lace fabric.

Just The Way You Are, plus size bridal boutique, Newcastle upon Tyne

Just The Way You Are; the only dedicated plus-size bridal boutique in Newcastle upon Tyne


My name is Sophie Thwaites and I am the proud owner of Just The Way You Are; the only dedicated plus-size bridal boutique in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Many people in recent years have asked me why I have decided to leave the well paid profession of accountancy and put everything I have into being a business owner. To answer that question, I have to take them back to my early teens when my journey began.

On the last day of the summer term, I was travelling to school with my Dad and sister Lois, when suddenly we were hit from behind by a pick-up truck. Initially we all thought we were ok, so Dad took the insurance details from the driver and we continued on to school.

The Perfect Finish to The Perfect Day – The Rollasole Wedding Box

The Rollasole Wedding Favor

You’ve looked gorgeous all day. Now it’s time to kick off those heels and light up that dance floor.

Rollasole are here to help your perfect day go without a hitch. At the end of the night, your heels can just become too much to bear after hitting the dancefloor and doing the table rounds visiting and thanking all your loved ones and guests. Rollasole is a revolutionary roll-up design meaning you can sneak an emergency pair under your table on your wedding day and slip them on during the night!

Fold-up shoes, roll-up shoes, flirtatious flats or pretty ballet pumps - whatever you want to call your Rollasoles; there’s a pair for every occasion, night or day and style to suit your personality and compliment the all-important dress!


Edge o Beyond Lingerie



Designed with French Chantilly lace and luxurious Italian fabrics, EDGE o’ BEYOND’s second offering delves into the depths of sensuality with the new addition of rouge as well as their familiar ivory and noir shades. Delicate briefs and suspenders are fringed with gold filigree accents, adorned with the trademark 24K gold plated jewellery, adjoining the pieces to the feminine lace and satin bras.

Jennifer Pritchard Couchman bridal design

Jenifer Pritchard Counchman, Lancashire Couture Designer hand made gowns

Jennifer Pritchard Couchman is considered one of Lancashire’s finest couture designers, with a specialism in Bridal design.

The Jennifer Pritchard Couchman design ethos is to design and create high quality, bespoke garments - one off pieces that are totally unique and exclusive, one off design, made to perfection based on the clients exact wishes. With over 15 years experience as a bridal gown designer, Jennifer has a passion for romance and all things bridal, with an expert eye for detail.