10 things you didn’t know about your engagement ring

Your engagement ring is probably the most precious piece of jewellery you’ll ever own. It’s your personal reminder of the commitment you’ve made to the special person in your life. And although we wear our rings every day, many of us probably don’t know anything about their fascinating history, the proper engagement ring etiquette or the specialist care your ring requires.


So we’ve compiled our favourite engagement ring facts from the definitive list ROX Diamonds & Thrills have created, featuring all things engagement rings.


1. The concept of an engagement ring is generally thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, where the shape of the ringalternative rings was considered a symbol of eternity.

2. Every natural diamond is incredibly old, formed long before man, or even dinosaurs roamed the earth. Natural diamonds have existed for at least 900 million years, with some being up to 3.2 billion years old.

3. Do you know why the engagement ring is typically placed on the third finger? For a long time, people believed that there was a vein that directly connected that finger to the heart – the ‘Vena Amoris’, or the vein of love.

4. Looking for durable stones to use in an engagement ring instead of a diamond? Most jewellers recommend sapphires and rubies as the best option as they rank at a 9 on the Mohs Scale.

5. Wondering what it means when someone says they have a flawless diamond? A truly flawless diamond has no inclusions at all, they’re extremely rare and very valuable.

6. Do you wear your sparkler to bed? While it is completely down to personal choice, catching your ring in the sheets when you’re tossing and turning can do some damage to the stone or the setting, so take care!

7. Not sure where you’re supposed to wear your engagement ring during your wedding ceremony? The most popular method is to switch your engagement ring over to your right hand for the walk down the aisle.

8. For those who want the proposal to be a complete surprise but also want to ensure the ring is perfect, it’s becoming more common for a ‘token ring’ to be presented in coverthe moment, with the couple shopping together afterwards.

9. One of the most expensive engagement rings of all time, the ring that Jay Z gave to Beyoncé is valued at $5 million and features an 18-carat flawless diamond on a split shank setting.

10. Under the impression that the size of the rock is the most important part of the engagement ring? According to a  Wedding Wire survey, a huge 86.2% of brides said that the overall design of the ring was the most important feature to them.

Head over to ROX Diamonds & Thrills to see the entire list of 100 fun facts.

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