Artificial Foliage For Wedding Decor By TreeLocate

Northumberland-headquartered specialist providers of artificial foliage, TreeLocate, has been supplying fully bespoke trees, plants and flowers to the wedding industry since 1995.

TreeLocate has established an impressive reputation across the sector for using the latest advancements in technology to produce startlingly realistic trees, plants and flowers.

With over 20 years’ experience, TreeLocate’s design team will provide advice on materials, shapes, foliage and canopy proportions to bring contemporary style and low-maintenance greenery to wedding décor. TreeLocate boasts a comprehensive range of products and can provide fully bespoke or off-the-shelf purchases Artificial Foliage For Wedding Decor By Treelocateincluding flowers walls, large trees and faux forests, plus signature feature flowers to perfectly style a small

or large scale wedding. Boasting lifelike realism and beautiful detailing, demand for TreeLocate’s artificial foliage continues to rise as products are completely customisable and can be rotated seasonally.

A leader in its field, TreeLocate designs, manufactures and supplies the majority of its products from its Belford, Northumberland headquarters.

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June 21, 2018

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