Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring to Suit Your Engagement Ring

The London Victorian Ring Company have put together their top tips for choosing the perfect wedding ring to suit your engagement ring. Make that special decision a thoughtful and memorable one. With over 125 years’ of experience in designing beautiful vintage style rings, the jewellery is handmade by expert UK craftsmen to exclusive designs from The London Victorian Ring Company.  

Match the Metals: Each precious metal ages in its own unique way over time. To keep your engagement ring and wedding ring looking their best together over the years, we recommend choosing the same metal for both rings. So if your engagement ring is in platinum, then select a platinum wedding ring.


Above Left: Unique Diamond and Platinum Ring with Baguette Diamond Shoulders, £2640,  Above Right: Traditional 2mm D-Shape Wedding Ring in Platinum £380

Now for the Shape

If you want the wedding ring to sit close to the engagement ring, then the traditional round circle could


be the one for you. Sometimes a wedding ring with a wishbone or curved shape will fit better. Once you know the shape, we recommend having the width of the band the same as the engagement ring or slightly wider. Leave yourself plenty of time before the wedding to try on different shapes and widths for the perfect fit.

On top: 1930s Style Engagement Ring with Heart Motif in White Gold, £2,080, Below: Curved Diamond Wedding Ring, £735

The Finishing Touches

There are lots of options so it’s time to choose your favourite design. Plain rings come in so many lovely forms. The surface of your ring can be highly polished like a mirror or with a brushed finish for a matt look. If you want some sparkle, then diamonds or other gemstones could be set in your ring. If you appreciate handmade or vintage detail, then you may want to consider a patterned ring. Engraved rings with floral motifs and other patterns have been admired for centuries and are popular today.



From left to right: Naturalistic Flower and Leaf Hand Engraved Wedding Ring, £850, Vintage Style Eternity Ring or Diamond Wedding Ring, £1,580, Slim Yellow Gold Wedding Ring, £280,Vintage Design Laurel Engraved Wedding Ring in Platinum, £795

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy

Before making the final decision there are some questions to ask yourself before making your decision. Do the two rings look good together? Are they comfortable? And is this within the budget?

Now you are prepared with all the points to make a great choice!


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