Choosing the Perfect Dresses for your Bridesmaids

We all know that the bridal dress is the most important dress of the day, but it is vital that your bridesmaids look just as stunning. Choosing the bridesmaid’s dresses can be as much stress as choosing your wedding gown. Not only do you have to choose the correct colours, but you have to choose dresses that your bridesmaids are happy to wear.

When selecting the colours for your bridesmaids, one thing to take into considerations is the time of year you are having your big day, especially if you’re having your wedding outside. There are perfect colours to complement each season.bridesmaids meta

If you plan to have your wedding within the colder months, darker colours are preferred over lighter colours in the winter. Naturally, in the low light of winter, colours appear darker, however, on a brighter winters day, colours appear pale and icy if there is light reflecting off the snow.

Warmer tones are associated with Autumn. Imagine an autumn landscape with leaves falling off trees. The colours you tend to see are burnt oranges, reds and golden yellows. 

The spring months are associated with warm, but brighter colours. If your date falls in spring, you may want to consider yellow dresses, rather than choosing blues for example. However,if you did have your heart set on blue bridesmaids, a turquoise colour may be more fitting for the spring months. 

Finally, if you’re choosing to marry in the summer months, lighter colours should be favoured rather than darker. For example, choosing an icy blue colour for your bridesmaids will complement the colours of the summer landscapes. 

bridesmaids dressesWith colours chosen, the next most important aspect to consider when selecting dresses for your bridesmaids is the style of dress. More often than not, each one of your bridesmaids would rather choose their own style of dress and if you’re wanting matching dresses, this most likely won’t be the case. Bridal retailers such as WED2B offer a solution to this dilemma.

WED2B’s multi-way dresses are long length dresses with infinite ways to wear the top. Choosing a multi-way dress will allow you to have similarity between all your bridesmaids, as they will all be wearing the same length and if you decide so, the same colour.

The multi-way dress then allows them to express their personality by choosing a style they think best fits. Just some of the styles you can wear the multi-way dress include a classic v-neck, kimono sleeve and a choker v-neck. 

To find your perfect bridesmaids dresses visit one of WED2B’s nationwide stores, or browse their collection online.


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