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The ultimate bridal accessory still remains the veil and with a vast amount of styles out there it can feel like an overwhelming task when trying to choose the right one! Finding the perfect veil is a bit like finding the perfect dress, you just know when you nd it! To make your job a whole lot easier I’ve compiled my top tips on what to look out for in your hunt for accessorizing your gown to perfection.


It’s important to try on a variety of di erent lengths of veils at your dress tting in order to give you a good idea of what will work best with your gown. A tip to remember is to make sure the veil extends past the train on your dress! If you want to go all out then a Cathedral length veil is the one for you! Cathedral veils create a dramatic look and are the perfect choice for a formal, church setting. Blush, elbow and ngertip veils are a nice option for a less informal look but still can complement the most traditional of gowns.


Floor and chapel length veils work really well with dresses which have minimal or no trains. Short veils like the birdcage and bandeau veils are perfect for a more informal look and they tend to work well with a dress which may not suit the traditional veil i.e. tea length dresses. Birdcage veils are a popular choice for brides who want to channel the vintage look.

As a general rule, the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil. Tea length dresses work well with birdcage veils down to nger tip veils. Floor length gowns with little or no train suit chapel or oor length veils. The birdcage veil is a delightful alternative to the long veil and is often a favourite for short haired brides and works wonderfully with chic up styles.


Remember, your veil should complement your dress and not overpower it! A heavily embellished dress


looks great with a clean, simple veil whereas a simple gown allows you to be more adventurous and choose a veil with plenty of detail. Although it is often a nice touch to mimic some element of your dress in your veil i.e. adding a touch of lace with a lace dress but be careful not to overdo it.

For a real showstopper choose our Theadora juliet cap veil, this exquisite veil can be paired with a simple gown or equally a highly embellished Jenny Packham dress for the ultimate glamorous bridal look.


Veils come in lots of di erent types of fabrics, the sheerest of which and the most popular option for veiling is tulle. Silk tulle is the most expensive and it drapes and ows beautifully, making it the most luxurious tulle of all. Polyester tulle is less expensive but it can achieve the same drape as silk. And nally, bridal illusion tulle is slightly sti er than the others but gives a voluminous effect.

As a veil designer, I know only too well the amount of di erent shades of ivory there are, so nding the right shade can be di cult! I’d recommend bringing your dress sample with you when purchasing your veil to ensure you nd the perfect match. If you are ordering your veil online, any good designer should be happy to send you a veil swatch to ensure you nd the right colour.

Veils can be trimmed in a wide range of trimmings including lace, beading, embellishment and ribbon. Choose the right type of embellishment and the right amount


to complement your dress


Consider your wedding dress, its focus points and its style. It’s always useful to try on di erent styles of veils to get a feel for which you prefer and more importantly know what style will best suit your dress! Your veil choice depends on your dress; if your dress is traditional a traditional two tier comb veil will work best. If your dress is vintage or vintage inspired, Juliet cap veils work beautifully. Modern dresses look fabulous with raw edge veils with scattered diamanté sparkles.

Bespoke creations

And nally, if you nd the prospect of choosing your veil overwhelming or you simply can’t nd one you love, go bespoke! Choosing this option means you get to complete your bridal look with the perfect veil with no compromise! Choosing a made to measure veil means you get to have the exact length with the exact detailing you want! Plus you have the added bonus of the designer’s expertise and you can rest assured when buying a handmade product you will receive the highest quality and attention to detail there is.

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Written by: Megan Therese, Couture Bridal Accessories


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