Don’t Lose Your Hat!

If you’re attending a wedding this summer and you’re wondering whether or not you should adorn your head with a hat, here are a few reasons why you should say yes to the hat.

1, Hats add a little something extra to your outfit

Whilst you may have found the perfect dress, it is the smaller touches that really complete an outfit. From a clutch bag, to the perfect shoes to the most amboyant hat, the smaller touches can really bring an out t to life, so don’t neglect them.

wedding hat

2, Wearing a hat is a more traditional thing to do

Originating from earlier times when women were required to keep their heads covered in certain places, it has become something of a tradition to wear a hat to a wedding. If you’re attending a particularly traditional wedding, wearing a hat will only enhance your look, as well as appearing as though you’ve gone that extra mile to compliment their wedding theme.

3, Hat shopping can be heaps of fun

Alongside the fact that a hat will undoubtedly enhance your wedding look, shopping for the hat can also be heaps of fun. Shopping for a wedding and trying to nd that perfect out t can be rather stressful; hat shopping, on the other hand, is always fun lled and more often than not, highly entertaining.

4, A hat allows you to get creative


We all saw Princess Beatrice’s hat at the Royal Wedding this hat was anything but boring. Whilst there are a number of rules and regulations regarding wedding guest fashion, hats tend to be free of constraints. This means that you can get creative and go slightly more ‘wacky’ with your out t choices.

5, Hats know how to flawlessly frame your face

Regardless of the shape, size or colour of your face, you will always be able to nd at least one hat that frames your beauty, giving you a awless, fashionable look. If the rst hat you try doesn’t quite suit your face, try, try and try again. Trust us, you will nd the perfect hat everybody does.

Written by Jo Cowan and Claire Chapman of Belle Bridal

Author Bio: Jo Cowan and Claire Chapman have been running their wedding dress company in North London for over 6 years. Belle Bridal is a family run business, which aims to deliver the highest standard of service and make you feel like you've been welcomed into Jo and Claire's own home. They specialise in sample wedding dresses and discount designer gowns, so you can get the perfect dress at a fraction of the price.


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