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Choosing wedding favours that everyone will love and enjoy, but also fit in well with your wedding can be hard to find. Making each individual one yourself can be time consuming as well as expensive, and are often forgotten at the end of the night.


The traditional of a wedding favour seems to be taking a turn and being twisted to fit a modern wedding; the trend for homemade tipples leaves out little ones and can take more time and effort than you originally anticipate. It’s time to bring back the wedding tradition and thank each guest with a small gift they are guaranteed to love.


In come Elizabeth Shaw chocolates - creating irresistible chocolate since 1881, they are passionate about creating original, mouthwatering treats that can be enjoyed on all special occasions. The traditionally English chocolatier is well known for their after dinner mints, but have so much more to offer.amaretto flutes


Devoted to making every moment special, the chocolate experts Elizabeth Shaw have created a tempting range of chocolate flutes, the perfect favour for any wedding. Each box is filled with a generous amount of delicious chocolate flutes in a variety of flavours, and coloured boxes.


mint flutesThe Elizabeth Shaw Flutes (RRP £2.59) come in small, colourful cartons that once open, display the flutes beautifully. They’re also the perfect size for a wedding favour, sitting comfortably at a place setting.


Filled with one of five rich infusion flavours, the fondant centre is encased in either milk or dark chocolate. These delicate chocolate flutes are delicate and elegant, as well as easy to enjoy! Choose from mint, amaretto, orange, lemon or cappuccino to match your wedding colour scheme or simply to match the taste of each guest.


What’s more is that they are accessible, and easily found in the supermarket – sometimes even on offer. There’s no need to slave over mini shots for each guest, heavy handmade kilner jars or tiny time laden momentos that won’t be given a second look – Elizabeth Shaw chocolates are to be enjoyed at any occasion by anyone, and won’t disappoint. 


Visit https://www.elizabethshaw.co.uk/ for more information.



Event Date: 
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 10:00

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